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McDuffee status

Postby mazeltov » Fri May 16, 2008 4:46 pm

I heard through the grapevine that he is quitting because he actually got signed by a modelling agency in LA and wanted a solid income. seriously though, I've hit with him before at tournaments and whenever we hit he seemed to just kick my ass, then as soon as a match starts he's just mentally gone. I heard one time he played a practice set with nalbandian and beat him 6-2, how can anyone be so good in practice then a match struggle?? its ridiculous. I also went out with him a couple times and damn that guy has some game. I fancy myself as a bit of a player but when with him, i dont think i can compete. we went out three nights, he got a threesome one night, got laid by two girls the other night and then just took it easy and banged one in a club the final night. girls just seemed to melt in his arms whenever he spoke and then one's he didnt want i tried but have nothing compared to this guy.
alright, i just wanted to know. whats he gonna do now? how good a record on tour did he have? whenever i was at these tournaments people were always really nervous about playing him but they seemed to have any easy time playing him.
let me know what you guys think
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Postby bkilray » Fri May 16, 2008 5:01 pm

This is getting retarted.........Kevin Mcduffee did not beat david nalbandian.......................thats like say that earth is an rectangle its simply not true. Now if you said that Mcduffee beat David Nalbandian in a hot dog eating contest I might believe you. The thing is Mcduffee sounds really cool. The problem is how come no one has any real confirmed stories...... You guys need to stop hiding behind screen names.......Mcduffee if your out there I'll let you be my wingman.
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