Sorry (and some moderator clarification on post guidelines!

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Sorry (and some moderator clarification on post guidelines!

Postby Mini Tennis Coach » Mon Jul 26, 2004 5:41 pm

That was posted under news! growing the game is news!
I am not selling anything!!
just spreding the game of tennis!!
Mini Tennis is the future of the sport!

Every country that has had a tennis BOOM has had Mini Tennis play a major role. Swedan-Germany-Spain !! The list goes on!
Mini Tennis Coach
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Postby R. Jayakrishnan » Mon Jul 26, 2004 7:50 pm

Well, good to see that you apologized to the readers in the thread title. Most spammers don't! :-)

I had noticed that you probably were not selling anything directly. The problem is that people are so sick of spam these days that one has to be careful in posting something to make sure that it doesn't look like spam.

One way is to explicitly invite discussion from the readers on some aspect of the material you post. Say you said "I am aware of mini tennis being done in Africa and Midcdle East in ITF camps, but do any of you know of any new countries where the national association has developed a large-scale program?" at the end of your post, it would have fit perferctly here.

Some of the posts have an obvious angle of discussion, such as your post today where you re-posted a news story on a coach's misconduct. You did not have to explicitly invite discussion there. If there is no obvious discussion angle to something that you post here, people would think it is spam.

Another thing is to make sure that something is really NEWS, in which case you can leave it to people to decide what to discuss. When we post a press release on somebody's doping case here, it is obviously news, whether there is anything worth discussing or not. While you say that the minitennis post was news, it really wasn't because a lot of us know about mini tennis and you were not pointing out something new about it for us to see it as news.

I think once you posted the same thing in multiple places everyone got convinced that it was spam. A couple of them complained and we locked the topic and deleted some.

Anyway, no probs. I have unlocked your post in this area (news/stats). Feel free to say something more there about mini tennis, or what exactly is happening around the world in mini tennis, etc etc, for discussion.

Thought it would make some sense to clarify why we lock subjects, delete them etc!

R. Jayakrishnan
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Postby FulhamFan » Tue Jul 27, 2004 10:03 am

I had no problem with his post. But doing it in every forum is spam. I've never heard of mini-tennis before so I don't mind the post. Just keep it to one thread.
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