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US Open series Points

Postby FulhamFan » Sun Jul 18, 2004 5:51 pm

At first I thought the US Open series was just taking the american tournaments and slapping a label on it. Then I see this.

To me this is dumb. The person that winds up winning the US Open series is much more likely to get injured before the US Open. We keep talking about how there's too much tennis and how the players are getting injured. But then you encourage them to play as much as possible up to the US Open?!

They even include an event the week before the US Open. Also if you were considering introducing this at all it should of been done next year when there is no olympics. There is already so much tennis with the masters series, Olympics and US Open that adding more wouldn't be too wise.

Also I don't think the euro events are too happy about this.
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Postby CrazyDiamond » Mon Jul 19, 2004 12:11 am

I agree with you.......tooooo much.

Then add 3 matches to Qualify for the Main Draws,and you've got the perfect recipe for injuries and burnout before the US Open.

I guess the players have to be wise enough to backoff from some of the Tournaments in the "Series",and only choose a few.

Maybe that's what Agassi is doing.

Let's not forget that Men's Pro Tennis is run by the Sponsor's,not by the ATP or the USTA. ;)
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Re: US Open series Points

Postby dryeagle » Thu Jul 22, 2004 3:08 pm

FulhamFan wrote:
Also I don't think the euro events are too happy about this.

I really don't care about the euro events this time of year, there pretty much pointless. Haven't we seen enough clay this year?

The US Open Series is definitely better than previous years. At least I got to see the LA tourny on ESPN, in prior years I would never get to see that. Also, olympic tennis coverage sucks. You may get a 5 minute highlight session with Bud Collins every night, but NBC focuses all their coverage on basketball, track, gymnastics and boxing. They might show the final, but only if Roddick or an American women is in the final.
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