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Postby Fee » Tue Jun 29, 2004 3:09 pm

This is the email that I just sent to NBC and ESPN:

To the Powers that Be at NBC and ESPN:

As an avid tennis fan (or obsessed as my husband would call me) who watches or tapes almost every single minute of coverage on TV and attends 2-3 tournaments per year in person, I am BEGGING and PLEADING with you to coordinate your broadcasts of Wimbledon for the remainder of this week to provide as much live, seamless action as possible to THE ENTIRE COUNTRY. I live in the Western United States and the mess that I have been subjected to the first two days of this week has been almost criminal with NBC forcing ESPN to block their signal to this part of the country (and I'm sure Cadillac and other sponsors will be thrilled about that.)

Wednesday will be an unprecedented day of excellent matches with the Men's Quarterfinals and two bonus women's matches. Please, please, please, pick up the matches live when your broadcasts begin and stay that way as much as possible. This is the most prestigious tournament in the world and I want to see Roger Federer and Lleyton Hewitt battle it out on court like swordsmen in a duel to the death. I want to see Andy Roddick take on his friend Sjeng Schalken, the tension of Tim Henman battling against Centre Court newbie Mario Ancic, and Seb Grosjean possibly teaching an up and comer about Grand Slam success (or suffering the surprise upset). And I want to see Serena and Jennifer in another epic three-setter. Which one of these matches are you going to take away from me simply because I live on the West Coast? It makes me sick to my stomach to even think about that possibility and, once again, I am begging you not to do this to me and the other tennis fans that you serve.

Fiona Sxxxxxx
Dxxxxxx, California

cc to: Octagon Agency, SFX Agency, IMG Agency,, Jon Wertheim (Sports Illustrated) and posted on a few tennis message boards.

And here are the email addresses that I sent it to, in case anyone else wants to write to these *&$%#@(@!!!! as well....

the agents: (put 'Tennis:Wimbledon coverage' in the subject line) (Hewitt and Grosjean) (in the London office) (represent most of the women left in the draw)

Then go to the Wimbledon website and copy and paste your email into a Feedback form (the link is at the very bottom of the homepage).

I need to go hit tonight and use my anger against a defenseless yellow ball. I hope I don't hurt anyone in my group lesson. :HitWall:
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Postby dryeagle » Wed Jun 30, 2004 12:39 pm

Wow, Fiona is fired up. Nice email though, it really gets to the point. Good luck, let me know how it goes with the coverage.
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