The PROBLEM about Tennis Masters Canada,

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The PROBLEM about Tennis Masters Canada,

Postby tommy_mcgee » Tue Jun 29, 2004 2:54 pm

for all those who arent familiar with tennis masters canada's "problems", here's a piece of reality

canada shouldnt even have a tennis masters event, simply because
a) york university & jarry pary centre have never sold out tickets
b) local canucks never get anywhere in the tournament (except doubles)
c) there's no money for tennis in canada
d) tennis canada has rarely ever supported its own players
and my remedy for this mess is...
downsize the tourney to a "grand prix" level event with 32 in maindraw
not to mention, don't let canucks have wildcards onto maindraw (they don't deserve it)
also, i gotta say that for the "tmc" directors to fork out 2 million every year is a waste, so was the creation of the rexall centre.
I say, those tennis canada development officers should wake up and pay attention to the value of the sport.

that's my 2 cents,
and if anyone disagrees, then gladly respond, or email me at
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