WTA $10,000 Pirot Draw (Women's) - 2012

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$10,000 Pirot Event Details:

OutdoorPirot, Serbia
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RoundWinning PlayerLosing PlayerScoreH2H
Women's Singles
FTeodora Mircic (1) (SRB)Lina Gjorcheska (MKD)6-3 6-1 [H2H]
SFTeodora Mircic (1) (SRB)Kristina Ostojic (WC) (SRB)7-6(4) 6-1 [H2H]
SFLina Gjorcheska (MKD)Vivien Juhaszova (3) (SVK)6-1 6-4 [H2H]
QFTeodora Mircic (1) (SRB)Ivana Jorovic (WC) (SRB)6-1 4-6 6-3 [H2H]
QFKristina Ostojic (WC) (SRB)Alexandra Damaschin (ROU)6-4 6-2 [H2H]
QFVivien Juhaszova (3) (SVK)Ionela-Andreea Iova (ROU)6-1 6-3 [H2H]
QFLina Gjorcheska (MKD)Raluca Elena Platon (2) (ROU)6-3 7-5 [H2H]
R16Teodora Mircic (1) (SRB)Catherine Chantraine (BEL)6-0 6-1 [H2H]
R16Ivana Jorovic (WC) (SRB)Jelena Lazarevic (WC) (SRB)6-2 6-2 [H2H]
R16Alexandra Damaschin (ROU)Barbara Luz (4) (POR)6-4 2-6 6-0 [H2H]
R16Kristina Ostojic (WC) (SRB)Guadalupe Perez Rojas (ARG)2-6 6-4 6-2 [H2H]
R16Ionela-Andreea Iova (ROU)Eva Wacanno (7) (NED)7-5 4-6 7-6(6) [H2H]
R16Vivien Juhaszova (3) (SVK)Borislava Botusharova (BUL)6-7(2) 6-4 6-1 [H2H]
R16Lina Gjorcheska (MKD)Radina Dimitrova (Q) (BUL)7-6(1) 6-1 [H2H]
R16Raluca Elena Platon (2) (ROU)Katarina Adamovic (Q) (SRB)4-6 6-3 6-4 [H2H]
R32Teodora Mircic (1) (SRB)Diana Marcu (ROU)6-1 2-6 6-1 [H2H]
R32Catherine Chantraine (BEL)Ani Vangelova (Q) (BUL)6-1 6-4 [H2H]
R32Jelena Lazarevic (WC) (SRB)Bianca Koch (GER)6-3 7-6(5) [H2H]
R32Ivana Jorovic (WC) (SRB)Saska Gavrilovska (6) (SRB)WO[H2H]
R32Barbara Luz (4) (POR)Bernarda Pera (CRO)7-6(1) 6-2 [H2H]
R32Alexandra Damaschin (ROU)Csilla Argyelan (HUN)6-2 7-6(6) [H2H]
R32Guadalupe Perez Rojas (ARG)Marija Bogicevic (LL) (SRB)6-3 6-1 [H2H]
R32Kristina Ostojic (WC) (SRB)Julia Stamatova (5) (BUL)6-4 4-6 6-2 [H2H]
R32Eva Wacanno (7) (NED)Danijela Tomic (Q) (SRB)6-3 4-6 7-6(6) [H2H]
R32Ionela-Andreea Iova (ROU)Ana Mihaela Vladutu (Q) (ROU)6-3 6-3 [H2H]
R32Borislava Botusharova (BUL)Irini Papageorgiou (Q) (GRE)6-3 6-1 [H2H]
R32Vivien Juhaszova (3) (SVK)Vladica Babic (Q) (MNE)6-4 6-0 [H2H]
R32Lina Gjorcheska (MKD)Dalia Zafirova (8) (BUL)3-6 7-6(3) 6-3 [H2H]
R32Radina Dimitrova (Q) (BUL)Nina Stojanovic (WC) (SRB)6-0 3-6 6-1 [H2H]
R32Katarina Adamovic (Q) (SRB)Dunja Sunkic (SRB)7-5 2-6 6-1 [H2H]
R32Raluca Elena Platon (2) (ROU)Milica Hadzi Tanovic (Q) (SRB)6-1 6-2 [H2H]
Women's Doubles
FRaluca Elena Platon (1) (ROU)
Eva Wacanno (NED)
Lina Gjorcheska (2) (MKD)
Dalia Zafirova (BUL)
6-2 1-6 [10-8]
SFRaluca Elena Platon (1) (ROU)
Eva Wacanno (NED)
Alexandra Damaschin (3) (ROU)
Diana Marcu (ROU)
6-3 6-2
SFLina Gjorcheska (2) (MKD)
Dalia Zafirova (BUL)
Barbara Luz (4) (POR)
Guadalupe Perez Rojas (ARG)
6-1 6-2
QFRaluca Elena Platon (1) (ROU)
Eva Wacanno (NED)
Deeon Mladin (AUS)
Milica Zivanovic (CAN)
7-6(5) 6-1
QFAlexandra Damaschin (3) (ROU)
Diana Marcu (ROU)
Csilla Argyelan (HUN)
Ionela-Andreea Iova (ROU)
6-1 6-1
QFBarbara Luz (4) (POR)
Guadalupe Perez Rojas (ARG)
Katarina Adamovic (SRB)
Saska Gavrilovska (SRB)
6-3 7-5
QFLina Gjorcheska (2) (MKD)
Dalia Zafirova (BUL)
Julia Stamatova (BUL)
Dunja Sunkic (SRB)
6-0 6-4
R16Raluca Elena Platon (1) (ROU)
Eva Wacanno (NED)
R16Deeon Mladin (AUS)
Milica Zivanovic (CAN)
Jelena Lazarevic (SRB)
Ana Mihaela Vladutu (ROU)
7-5 6-0
R16Alexandra Damaschin (3) (ROU)
Diana Marcu (ROU)
R16Csilla Argyelan (HUN)
Ionela-Andreea Iova (ROU)
R16Katarina Adamovic (SRB)
Saska Gavrilovska (SRB)
R16Barbara Luz (4) (POR)
Guadalupe Perez Rojas (ARG)
R16Julia Stamatova (BUL)
Dunja Sunkic (SRB)
Radina Dimitrova (BUL)
Irini Papageorgiou (GRE)
6-3 7-6(4)
R16Lina Gjorcheska (2) (MKD)
Dalia Zafirova (BUL)
Women's Singles Qualifying - Those Winning Q1 Have Qualified
Q1Vladica Babic (1) (MNE)Elena Jetcheva (BUL)6-3 6-4 [H2H]
Q1Danijela Tomic (2) (SRB)Anna Veleva (BUL)6-3 6-1 [H2H]
Q1Katarina Adamovic (3) (SRB)Kerstin Peckl (AUT)6-1 6-2 [H2H]
Q1Ani Vangelova (4) (BUL)Marija Bogicevic (SRB)6-4 6-4 [H2H]
Q1Milica Hadzi Tanovic (SRB)Ingrid-Alexandra Radu (5) (ROU)6-7(3) 6-1 6-2 [H2H]
Q1Irini Papageorgiou (GRE)Sandra Honigova (6) (CZE)6-2 2-4 Retired[H2H]
Q1Radina Dimitrova (BUL)Maja Mladenovic (SRB)4-6 6-4 7-6(3) [H2H]
Q1Ana Mihaela Vladutu (ROU)Katarina Pavlovic (SRB)6-3 6-1 [H2H]
Q2Vladica Babic (1) (MNE)Deeon Mladin (AUS)7-5 6-4 [H2H]
Q2Elena Jetcheva (BUL)Olivera Veskovac (SRB)4-6 7-5 6-0 [H2H]
Q2Danijela Tomic (2) (SRB)Isidora Radojkovic (SRB)6-0 4-6 6-4 [H2H]
Q2Anna Veleva (BUL)Ekaterina Tugarinova (RUS)6-4 2-6 6-2 [H2H]
Q2Katarina Adamovic (3) (SRB)Milica Stepanovic (SRB)7-5 6-2 [H2H]
Q2Kerstin Peckl (AUT)Sanja Milosevic (WC) (SRB)6-2 6-1 [H2H]
Q2Ani Vangelova (4) (BUL)Mila Marinkovic (GBR)6-1 6-2 [H2H]
Q2Marija Bogicevic (SRB)Marija Vera Stankovic (SRB)4-0 Retired[H2H]
Q2Ingrid-Alexandra Radu (5) (ROU)Tsveta Konstantinova Dimitrova (BUL)2-6 6-2 Retired[H2H]
Q2Milica Hadzi Tanovic (SRB)Olivera Tadijin (WC) (SRB)6-0 6-1 [H2H]
Q2Sandra Honigova (6) (CZE)Tamara Jeremic (SRB)6-0 6-1 [H2H]
Q2Irini Papageorgiou (GRE)Dajana Cvjetkovic (BIH)6-1 6-1 [H2H]
Q2Radina Dimitrova (BUL)Ekaterina Tsiklauri (7) (RUS)6-0 6-2 [H2H]
Q2Maja Mladenovic (SRB)Brankica Orlovic (SRB)6-2 6-2 [H2H]
Q2Katarina Pavlovic (SRB)Milica Gojkovic (SRB)6-3 6-3 [H2H]
Q2Ana Mihaela Vladutu (ROU)Marta Stojanovic (SRB)6-3 6-3 [H2H]
Q3Vladica Babic (1) (MNE)Bye
Q3Deeon Mladin (AUS)Bye
Q3Elena Jetcheva (BUL)Andrijana Petrikic (SRB)6-2 6-1 [H2H]
Q3Olivera Veskovac (SRB)Bye
Q3Danijela Tomic (2) (SRB)Bye
Q3Isidora Radojkovic (SRB)Bye
Q3Anna Veleva (BUL)Sofiko Kadzhaya (UKR)6-3 7-6(5) [H2H]
Q3Ekaterina Tugarinova (RUS)Bye
Q3Katarina Adamovic (3) (SRB)Bye
Q3Milica Stepanovic (SRB)Bye
Q3Kerstin Peckl (AUT)Larisa Sporea (ROU)3-6 6-4 6-1 [H2H]
Q3Sanja Milosevic (WC) (SRB)Bye
Q3Ani Vangelova (4) (BUL)Bye
Q3Mila Marinkovic (GBR)Bye
Q3Marija Bogicevic (SRB)Maria Milanova (BUL)6-4 7-5 [H2H]
Q3Marija Vera Stankovic (SRB)Bye
Q3Ingrid-Alexandra Radu (5) (ROU)Bye
Q3Tsveta Konstantinova Dimitrova (BUL)Bye
Q3Olivera Tadijin (WC) (SRB)Milica Zivanovic (CAN)7-5 7-6(5) [H2H]
Q3Milica Hadzi Tanovic (SRB)Bye
Q3Sandra Honigova (6) (CZE)Bye
Q3Tamara Jeremic (SRB)Bye
Q3Irini Papageorgiou (GRE)Dajana Ognjenovic (SRB)6-1 6-2 [H2H]
Q3Dajana Cvjetkovic (BIH)Bye
Q3Ekaterina Tsiklauri (7) (RUS)Bye
Q3Radina Dimitrova (BUL)Tijana Uzelac (SRB)6-3 6-2 [H2H]
Q3Maja Mladenovic (SRB)Marijana Novakovic (BIH)6-4 7-6(4) [H2H]
Q3Brankica Orlovic (SRB)Bye
Q3Katarina Pavlovic (SRB)Bye
Q3Milica Gojkovic (SRB)Bye
Q3Ana Mihaela Vladutu (ROU)Ana Glumac (SRB)6-3 6-2 [H2H]
Q3Marta Stojanovic (SRB)Bye

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