WTA $10,000 Amiens Draw (Women's) - 2014

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$10,000 Amiens Event Details:

IndoorAmiens, France
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RoundWinning PlayerLosing PlayerScoreH2H
Women's Singles
FAlice Matteucci (ITA)Manon Arcangioli (FRA)6-4 6-3 [H2H]
SFAlice Matteucci (ITA)Isabella Shinikova (3) (BUL)6-0 6-3 [H2H]
SFManon Arcangioli (FRA)Alice Rame (Q) (FRA)7-6(2) 5-7 6-1 [H2H]
QFAlice Matteucci (ITA)Alyona Sotnikova (6) (UKR)6-3 7-5 [H2H]
QFIsabella Shinikova (3) (BUL)Justine Ozga (GER)6-4 4-6 6-2 [H2H]
QFAlice Rame (Q) (FRA)Deborah Chiesa (Q) (ITA)6-0 6-4 [H2H]
QFManon Arcangioli (FRA)Jade Suvrijn (5) (FRA)7-5 6-1 [H2H]
R16Alice Matteucci (ITA)Chloe Paquet (Q) (FRA)6-3 7-5 [H2H]
R16Alyona Sotnikova (6) (UKR)Bernice Van De Velde (NED)6-2 6-1 [H2H]
R16Isabella Shinikova (3) (BUL)Tess Sugnaux (SUI)6-3 6-4 [H2H]
R16Justine Ozga (GER)Josepha Adam (FRA)6-4 7-6(8) [H2H]
R16Deborah Chiesa (Q) (ITA)Anna-Giulia Remondina (8) (ITA)6-2 7-5 [H2H]
R16Alice Rame (Q) (FRA)Petra Krejsova (CZE)6-1 6-0 [H2H]
R16Jade Suvrijn (5) (FRA)Theo Gravouil (WC) (FRA)6-2 6-2 [H2H]
R16Manon Arcangioli (FRA)Karolina Stuchla (Q) (CZE)6-3 6-2 [H2H]
R32Alice Matteucci (ITA)Nuria Parrizas-Diaz (1) (ESP)6-0 6-2 [H2H]
R32Chloe Paquet (Q) (FRA)Clemence Fayol (WC) (FRA)6-1 6-2 [H2H]
R32Bernice Van De Velde (NED)Beatrice Lombardo (Q) (ITA)2-6 6-2 6-4 [H2H]
R32Alyona Sotnikova (6) (UKR)Carla Touly (LL) (FRA)6-7(2) 6-1 7-5 [H2H]
R32Isabella Shinikova (3) (BUL)Lucie Wargnier (WC) (FRA)6-3 6-4 [H2H]
R32Tess Sugnaux (SUI)Michaela Boev (BEL)6-2 6-2 [H2H]
R32Justine Ozga (GER)Tayisiya Morderger (GER)2-6 6-4 7-6(4) [H2H]
R32Josepha Adam (FRA)Sherazad Benamar (7) (FRA)6-4 2-6 6-4 [H2H]
R32Anna-Giulia Remondina (8) (ITA)Kelly Versteeg (NED)6-0 6-1 [H2H]
R32Deborah Chiesa (Q) (ITA)Louise Lampla (WC) (FRA)6-2 6-1 [H2H]
R32Alice Rame (Q) (FRA)Ivania Martinich (CHI)6-4 6-2 [H2H]
R32Petra Krejsova (CZE)Angelica Moratelli (4) (ITA)7-5 6-1 [H2H]
R32Jade Suvrijn (5) (FRA)Katharina Hering (Q) (GER)0-6 6-2 6-1 [H2H]
R32Theo Gravouil (WC) (FRA)Fiona Codino (Q) (FRA)7-5 6-7(5) 6-4 [H2H]
R32Karolina Stuchla (Q) (CZE)Julie Razafindranaly (Q) (FRA)6-0 6-2 [H2H]
R32Manon Arcangioli (FRA)Jia-Jing Lu (2) (CHN)6-1 6-4 [H2H]
Women's Doubles
FIsabella Shinikova (1) (BUL)
Alyona Sotnikova (UKR)
Angelica Moratelli (2) (ITA)
Anna-Giulia Remondina (ITA)
6-1 6-4
SFIsabella Shinikova (1) (BUL)
Alyona Sotnikova (UKR)
Bernice Van De Velde (4) (NED)
Kelly Versteeg (NED)
7-6(6) 1-6 [10-5]
SFAngelica Moratelli (2) (ITA)
Anna-Giulia Remondina (ITA)
Tayisiya Morderger (GER)
Yana Morderger (GER)
0-6 6-4 [12-10]
QFIsabella Shinikova (1) (BUL)
Alyona Sotnikova (UKR)
Manon Arcangioli (FRA)
Chloe Paquet (FRA)
6-1 6-3
QFBernice Van De Velde (4) (NED)
Kelly Versteeg (NED)
Louise Lampla (FRA)
Katarzyna Wysoczanska (POL)
6-1 6-4
QFTayisiya Morderger (GER)
Yana Morderger (GER)
Michaela Boev (3) (BEL)
Nuria Parrizas-Diaz (ESP)
6-4 4-6 [10-2]
QFAngelica Moratelli (2) (ITA)
Anna-Giulia Remondina (ITA)
Solene Guyomard (FRA)
Carla Touly (FRA)
5-7 7-5 [10-7]
R16Isabella Shinikova (1) (BUL)
Alyona Sotnikova (UKR)
R16Manon Arcangioli (FRA)
Chloe Paquet (FRA)
Karolina Cechova (CZE)
Karolina Stuchla (CZE)
6-7(4) 7-5 [10-7]
R16Bernice Van De Velde (4) (NED)
Kelly Versteeg (NED)
R16Louise Lampla (FRA)
Katarzyna Wysoczanska (POL)
R16Tayisiya Morderger (GER)
Yana Morderger (GER)
R16Michaela Boev (3) (BEL)
Nuria Parrizas-Diaz (ESP)
R16Solene Guyomard (FRA)
Carla Touly (FRA)
Lisa Bastianello (ITA)
Deborah Chiesa (ITA)
5-7 6-2 [10-7]
R16Angelica Moratelli (2) (ITA)
Anna-Giulia Remondina (ITA)
Women's Singles Qualifying - Those Winning Q1 Have Qualified
Q1Alice Rame (FRA)Carla Touly (1) (FRA)7-6(8) 6-2 [H2H]
Q1Chloe Paquet (2) (FRA)Astrid Leclere (BEL)6-0 2-0 Retired[H2H]
Q1Fiona Codino (3) (FRA)Justine Bourdon (BEL)6-4 2-6 6-1 [H2H]
Q1Deborah Chiesa (4) (ITA)Nina-Isabella Scholten (GER)6-2 6-2 [H2H]
Q1Karolina Stuchla (CZE)Anais Van Cauter (FRA)6-4 6-2 [H2H]
Q1Julie Razafindranaly (FRA)Katarzyna Wysoczanska (POL)6-2 6-3 [H2H]
Q1Katharina Hering (GER)Eleonore Barrere (FRA)6-0 6-0 [H2H]
Q1Beatrice Lombardo (ITA)Mallaurie Noel (FRA)6-4 4-6 6-3 [H2H]
Q2Carla Touly (1) (FRA)Victoria Smirnova (BEL)6-2 6-4 [H2H]
Q2Alice Rame (FRA)Carolin Jung (GER)6-2 6-0 [H2H]
Q2Chloe Paquet (2) (FRA)Chiara Frapolli (SUI)6-3 6-1 [H2H]
Q2Astrid Leclere (BEL)Lieselot Rommelaere (BEL)6-7(8) 6-3 6-1 [H2H]
Q2Fiona Codino (3) (FRA)Julie Couwenbergh (WC) (BEL)6-1 6-1 [H2H]
Q2Justine Bourdon (BEL)Valentine Bacher (FRA)6-4 6-7(9) 6-3 [H2H]
Q2Deborah Chiesa (4) (ITA)Victoire Mfoumouangana (WC) (FRA)6-1 6-1 [H2H]
Q2Nina-Isabella Scholten (GER)Miryam Jabri (FRA)6-3 7-5 [H2H]
Q2Karolina Stuchla (CZE)Yana Morderger (5) (GER)7-5 6-2 [H2H]
Q2Anais Van Cauter (FRA)Gloire Mfoumouangana (WC) (FRA)3-6 6-3 6-3 [H2H]
Q2Katarzyna Wysoczanska (POL)Anke Poncelet (6) (BEL)6-2 6-1 [H2H]
Q2Julie Razafindranaly (FRA)Solene Guyomard (FRA)1-6 6-4 6-2 [H2H]
Q2Katharina Hering (GER)Pauline Lollia (FRA)6-2 6-2 [H2H]
Q2Eleonore Barrere (FRA)Marie Temin (FRA)1-6 6-3 6-4 [H2H]
Q2Mallaurie Noel (FRA)Cindy Castille (FRA)6-3 6-4 [H2H]
Q2Beatrice Lombardo (ITA)Marine Fontaine (FRA)2-6 7-5 6-4 [H2H]
Q3Carla Touly (1) (FRA)Bye
Q3Victoria Smirnova (BEL)Sarah Finck (FRA)1-6 7-6(3) 6-2 [H2H]
Q3Alice Rame (FRA)Bye
Q3Carolin Jung (GER)Marine Normand (FRA)3-6 6-3 6-3 [H2H]
Q3Chloe Paquet (2) (FRA)Bye
Q3Chiara Frapolli (SUI)Lisa Bastianello (ITA)6-0 7-6(2) [H2H]
Q3Lieselot Rommelaere (BEL)Tatjana Stoll (GER)1-6 7-6(4) 6-4 [H2H]
Q3Astrid Leclere (BEL)Charlotte Wellem (FRA)6-1 6-1 [H2H]
Q3Fiona Codino (3) (FRA)Bye
Q3Julie Couwenbergh (WC) (BEL)Charlotte Van Der Meij (NED)6-2 7-6(5) [H2H]
Q3Valentine Bacher (FRA)Bye
Q3Justine Bourdon (BEL)Karolina Cechova (CZE)6-3 6-3 [H2H]
Q3Deborah Chiesa (4) (ITA)Bye
Q3Victoire Mfoumouangana (WC) (FRA)Tomoe Yazawa (JPN)3-6 6-0 6-1 [H2H]
Q3Miryam Jabri (FRA)Julia Jung (GER)0-6 6-4 6-2 [H2H]
Q3Nina-Isabella Scholten (GER)Jente Smit (WC) (BEL)6-2 6-4 [H2H]
Q3Yana Morderger (5) (GER)Bye
Q3Karolina Stuchla (CZE)Mathilde Armitano (FRA)6-2 5-7 6-4 [H2H]
Q3Anais Van Cauter (FRA)Candice Paya (FRA)6-4 3-6 6-0 [H2H]
Q3Gloire Mfoumouangana (WC) (FRA)Helene Meuleman (BEL)0-6 6-3 6-0 [H2H]
Q3Anke Poncelet (6) (BEL)Bye
Q3Katarzyna Wysoczanska (POL)Anastasia Smirnova (BEL)6-2 6-1 [H2H]
Q3Solene Guyomard (FRA)Albina Yanko (UKR)6-1 6-0 [H2H]
Q3Julie Razafindranaly (FRA)Nina Lammens (BEL)6-0 6-0 [H2H]
Q3Katharina Hering (GER)Bye
Q3Pauline Lollia (FRA)Eugenie Chapelle (BEL)6-4 6-2 [H2H]
Q3Marie Temin (FRA)Laura Daenen (WC) (BEL)6-1 6-0 [H2H]
Q3Eleonore Barrere (FRA)Heloise Arace (BEL)6-2 6-2 [H2H]
Q3Cindy Castille (FRA)Bye
Q3Mallaurie Noel (FRA)Shanon Bronzi (BEL)6-3 6-3 [H2H]
Q3Beatrice Lombardo (ITA)Bye
Q3Marine Fontaine (FRA)Celine Schepers (BEL)6-2 6-0 [H2H]

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