ATP Vietnam F1 Futures Draw (Men's) - 2009

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Vietnam F1 Futures Event Details:

OutdoorBin Duong, Vietnam
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RoundWinning PlayerLosing PlayerScoreH2H
Men's Singles
FJose Statham (1) (NZL)Amir Weintraub (3Q) (ISR)6-7(4) 7-6(4) 6-1 [H2H]
SFJose Statham (1) (NZL)Chul-Hee Lee (KOR)6-1 6-1 [H2H]
SFAmir Weintraub (3Q) (ISR)Yannick Nelord (8) (IND)6-4 6-4 [H2H]
QFJose Statham (1) (NZL)Matt Simpson (NZL)6-1 6-2 [H2H]
QFChul-Hee Lee (KOR)Weerapat Doakmaiklee (7) (THA)4-6 7-5 6-1 [H2H]
QFAmir Weintraub (3Q) (ISR)Trevor Dobson (Q) (USA)6-4 3-1 Retired[H2H]
QFYannick Nelord (8) (IND)Pongsiri Niroj (WC) (THA)6-2 6-2 [H2H]
R16Jose Statham (1) (NZL)Thanh-Trung Hoang (Q) (VIE)6-3 5-0 Retired[H2H]
R16Matt Simpson (NZL)Perakiat Siriluethaiwattana (6) (THA)6-7(2) 6-2 6-4 [H2H]
R16Chul-Hee Lee (KOR)Joo-Hyo Park (KOR)6-1 4-6 6-4 [H2H]
R16Weerapat Doakmaiklee (7) (THA)Kirati Siributwong (THA)6-1 4-6 6-3 [H2H]
R16Trevor Dobson (Q) (USA)Peerakit Siributwong (5) (THA)7-6(5) 7-6(4) [H2H]
R16Amir Weintraub (3Q) (ISR)Matteo Marfia (ITA)6-2 6-2 [H2H]
R16Yannick Nelord (8) (IND)Karunuday Singh (IND)6-2 1-6 6-4 [H2H]
R16Pongsiri Niroj (WC) (THA)Adam Jaya (MAS)6-1 3-6 7-5 [H2H]
R32Jose Statham (1) (NZL)Quoc-Khanh Le (Q) (VIE)6-2 6-4 [H2H]
R32Thanh-Trung Hoang (Q) (VIE)Razlan Rawi (MAS)6-3 6-2 [H2H]
R32Matt Simpson (NZL)Chun-Ming Yam (Q) (HKG)6-3 6-0 [H2H]
R32Perakiat Siriluethaiwattana (6) (THA)Young-Deok Cho (Q) (KOR)6-1 6-4 [H2H]
R32Joo-Hyo Park (KOR)Mikal Statham (4) (NZL)6-1 3-6 6-4 [H2H]
R32Chul-Hee Lee (KOR)Minh-Quan Do (WC) (VIE)1-6 6-3 6-4 [H2H]
R32Kirati Siributwong (THA)Askold Kuznetsov (UKR)6-1 6-0 [H2H]
R32Weerapat Doakmaiklee (7) (THA)Alex Bartlett (USA)6-2 6-3 [H2H]
R32Peerakit Siributwong (5) (THA)Sean Wheatley (Q) (AUS)6-3 6-3 [H2H]
R32Trevor Dobson (Q) (USA)Warut Korkiatthaworn (THA)6-4 6-3 [H2H]
R32Matteo Marfia (ITA)Grittaboon Prahmanee (WC) (THA)6-3 6-2 [H2H]
R32Amir Weintraub (3Q) (ISR)William Ward (NZL)6-1 6-1 [H2H]
R32Yannick Nelord (8) (IND)Hyung-Chan Lim (KOR)7-6(2) 2-1 Retired[H2H]
R32Karunuday Singh (IND)Quang-Huy Ngo (Q) (VIE)6-4 6-3 [H2H]
R32Adam Jaya (MAS)Bui-Tri Nguyen (WC) (VIE)6-2 5-4 Retired[H2H]
R32Pongsiri Niroj (WC) (THA)Nathan Thompson (2) (USA)7-6(2) 6-3 [H2H]
Men's Doubles
FKirati Siributwong (4) (THA)
Jose Statham (NZL)
Matt Simpson (NZL)
William Ward (NZL)
6-4 6-0
SFMatt Simpson (NZL)
William Ward (NZL)
Chul-Hee Lee (KOR)
Joo-Hyo Park (KOR)
6-3 7-5
SFKirati Siributwong (4) (THA)
Jose Statham (NZL)
Adam Jaya (MAS)
Karunuday Singh (IND)
6-0 7-6(4)
QFChul-Hee Lee (KOR)
Joo-Hyo Park (KOR)
Mikal Statham (1) (NZL)
Amir Weintraub (ISR)
3-6 6-3 [10-4]
QFMatt Simpson (NZL)
William Ward (NZL)
Minh-Quan Do (WC) (VIE)
Quoc-Khanh Le (VIE)
6-2 6-3
QFKirati Siributwong (4) (THA)
Jose Statham (NZL)
Warut Korkiatthaworn (THA)
Pongsiri Niroj (THA)
6-2 6-2
QFAdam Jaya (MAS)
Karunuday Singh (IND)
Thanh-Trung Hoang (WC) (VIE)
Askold Kuznetsov (UKR)
6-3 6-2
R16Mikal Statham (1) (NZL)
Amir Weintraub (ISR)
Faris Akhazzan (GBR)
Pongsatorn Benjamas (THA)
6-1 6-2
R16Chul-Hee Lee (KOR)
Joo-Hyo Park (KOR)
Grittaboon Prahmanee (THA)
Perakiat Siriluethaiwattana (THA)
6-3 6-1
R16Minh-Quan Do (WC) (VIE)
Quoc-Khanh Le (VIE)
Yannick Nelord (3) (IND)
Divij Sharan (IND)
7-6(4) 6-4
R16Matt Simpson (NZL)
William Ward (NZL)
Jae-Bin Jeon (KOR)
Hyung-Chan Lim (KOR)
6-2 7-6(3)
R16Warut Korkiatthaworn (THA)
Pongsiri Niroj (THA)
Alex Bartlett (USA)
Trevor Dobson (USA)
7-5 6-3
R16Kirati Siributwong (4) (THA)
Jose Statham (NZL)
Janicije Sasha Karic (USA)
Matteo Marfia (ITA)
6-2 6-0
R16Adam Jaya (MAS)
Karunuday Singh (IND)
Quang-Huy Ngo (WC) (VIE)
Bui-Tri Nguyen (VIE)
6-2 6-0
R16Thanh-Trung Hoang (WC) (VIE)
Askold Kuznetsov (UKR)
Weerapat Doakmaiklee (2) (THA)
Nathan Thompson (USA)
Men's Singles Qualifying - Those Winning Q1 Have Qualified
Q1Quoc-Khanh Le (VIE)Divij Sharan (1) (IND)6-4 6-4 [H2H]
Q1Amir Weintraub (2) (ISR)Ji-Sup Lim (KOR)6-4 6-1 [H2H]
Q1Sean Wheatley (AUS)Kin-Fai Lee (HKG)6-3 6-4 [H2H]
Q1Chun-Ming Yam (HKG)Le Tuan Ngoc Nguyen (VIE)6-2 6-2 [H2H]
Q1Trevor Dobson (USA)Jae-Bin Jeon (KOR)7-6(3) 7-6(8) [H2H]
Q1Thanh-Trung Hoang (VIE)Janicije Sasha Karic (USA)6-1 6-1 [H2H]
Q1Young-Deok Cho (KOR)Pongsatorn Benjamas (THA)2-6 6-4 6-4 [H2H]
Q1Quang-Huy Ngo (VIE)Faris Akhazzan (GBR)6-1 6-1 [H2H]
Q2Divij Sharan (1) (IND)Bye
Q2Quoc-Khanh Le (VIE)Bye
Q2Amir Weintraub (2) (ISR)Bye
Q2Ji-Sup Lim (KOR)Bye
Q2Sean Wheatley (AUS)Bye
Q2Kin-Fai Lee (HKG)Andrew Howe (AUS)6-3 1-6 6-2 [H2H]
Q2Le Tuan Ngoc Nguyen (VIE)Bye
Q2Chun-Ming Yam (HKG)Marcus Yu (USA)6-4 7-6(3) [H2H]
Q2Jae-Bin Jeon (KOR)Thien Nguyen Hoang (VIE)6-4 6-4 [H2H]
Q2Trevor Dobson (USA)Bye
Q2Janicije Sasha Karic (USA)Bye
Q2Thanh-Trung Hoang (VIE)Bye
Q2Young-Deok Cho (KOR)Bye
Q2Pongsatorn Benjamas (THA)Bye
Q2Quang-Huy Ngo (VIE)Dang Ngoc Vinh (VIE)6-0 6-3 [H2H]
Q2Faris Akhazzan (GBR)Bye

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