ATP Slovak Republic F4 Futures Draw (Men's) - 2013

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Slovak Republic F4 Futures Event Details:

OutdoorTrnava, Slovak Republic
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RoundWinning PlayerLosing PlayerScoreH2H
Men's Singles
FKamil Capkovic (4) (SVK)Adrian Sikora (3) (SVK)7-6(7) 7-5[H2H]
SFAdrian Sikora (3) (SVK)Miloslav Mecir (1) (SVK)1-6 6-3 6-2[H2H]
SFKamil Capkovic (4) (SVK)Filip Horansky (6) (SVK)6-2 6-1[H2H]
QFMiloslav Mecir (1) (SVK)Juraj Masar (7) (SVK)6-2 6-4[H2H]
QFAdrian Sikora (3) (SVK)Lubomir Majsajdr (CZE)6-2 0-1 Retired[H2H]
QFKamil Capkovic (4) (SVK)Marek Michalicka (5) (CZE)6-0 6-2[H2H]
QFFilip Horansky (6) (SVK)Marek Semjan (2) (SVK)6-4 6-2[H2H]
R16Miloslav Mecir (1) (SVK)Filip Brtnicky (Q) (CZE)6-2 6-1[H2H]
R16Juraj Masar (7) (SVK)Oliver Nagy (WC) (SVK)6-1 6-3[H2H]
R16Adrian Sikora (3) (SVK)Petr Vodak (Q) (CZE)6-3 6-3[H2H]
R16Lubomir Majsajdr (CZE)Michal Milko (SVK)6-2 5-7 7-6(6)[H2H]
R16Marek Michalicka (5) (CZE)Matej Maruscak (Q) (SVK)6-2 6-3[H2H]
R16Kamil Capkovic (4) (SVK)Patrik Fabian (SVK)6-4 6-4[H2H]
R16Filip Horansky (6) (SVK)Fabrizio Ornago (Q) (ITA)6-2 6-0[H2H]
R16Marek Semjan (2) (SVK)Lukas Marsoun (CZE)6-2 7-6(2)[H2H]
R32Miloslav Mecir (1) (SVK)Tom Kocevar-Desman (SLO)6-2 6-3[H2H]
R32Filip Brtnicky (Q) (CZE)Jan Stancik (SVK)2-4 Retired[H2H]
R32Oliver Nagy (WC) (SVK)Michal Bisko (Q) (CZE)0-6 6-3 6-3[H2H]
R32Juraj Masar (7) (SVK)Michal Pazicky (SVK)7-6(2) 7-5[H2H]
R32Adrian Sikora (3) (SVK)Mike Urbanija (SLO)3-6 6-4 6-2[H2H]
R32Petr Vodak (Q) (CZE)Dominik Sproch (WC) (SVK)7-5 6-1[H2H]
R32Lubomir Majsajdr (CZE)Gregoire Barrere (FRA)6-0 2-6 6-3[H2H]
R32Michal Milko (SVK)Dominik Suc (8) (CZE)6-3 6-0[H2H]
R32Marek Michalicka (5) (CZE)Marko Danis (SVK)1-6 6-4 6-2[H2H]
R32Matej Maruscak (Q) (SVK)Maxim Maksimyuk (Q) (RUS)4-6 6-1 7-5[H2H]
R32Patrik Fabian (SVK)Jan Kuncik (CZE)5-7 6-4 6-0[H2H]
R32Kamil Capkovic (4) (SVK)Remy Chala (Q) (FRA)6-4 6-2[H2H]
R32Filip Horansky (6) (SVK)Robert Januch (Q) (SVK)6-3 6-0[H2H]
R32Fabrizio Ornago (Q) (ITA)Filipp Kekercheni (WC) (UKR)1-6 6-2 6-1[H2H]
R32Lukas Marsoun (CZE)Danylo Kalenichenko (WC) (UKR)6-4 6-0[H2H]
R32Marek Semjan (2) (SVK)Ivan Kosec (SVK)6-4 6-0[H2H]
Men's Doubles
FLukas Marsoun (2) (CZE)
Dominik Suc (CZE)
Jan Kuncik (1) (CZE)
Marek Michalicka (CZE)
6-2 6-0
SFJan Kuncik (1) (CZE)
Marek Michalicka (CZE)
Michal Pazicky (3) (SVK)
Adrian Sikora (SVK)
6-3 6-1
SFLukas Marsoun (2) (CZE)
Dominik Suc (CZE)
David Skoch (CZE)
Jan Zednik (CZE)
6-3 6-3
QFJan Kuncik (1) (CZE)
Marek Michalicka (CZE)
Filipp Kekercheni (UKR)
Ivan Kosec (SVK)
6-2 6-4
QFMichal Pazicky (3) (SVK)
Adrian Sikora (SVK)
Juraj Masar (SVK)
Michal Voscek (SVK)
6-3 6-1
QFDavid Skoch (CZE)
Jan Zednik (CZE)
Patrik Fabian (SVK)
Matej Maruscak (SVK)
QFLukas Marsoun (2) (CZE)
Dominik Suc (CZE)
Filip Dolezel (WC) (CZE)
Petr Vodak (CZE)
6-0 6-3
R16Jan Kuncik (1) (CZE)
Marek Michalicka (CZE)
Marco Benussi (ITA)
Fabrizio Ornago (ITA)
7-5 6-4
R16Filipp Kekercheni (UKR)
Ivan Kosec (SVK)
Tom Kocevar-Desman (SLO)
Mike Urbanija (SLO)
1-6 6-4 [14-12]
R16Michal Pazicky (3) (SVK)
Adrian Sikora (SVK)
Marek Lukacovic (WC) (SVK)
Michal Lukacovic (SVK)
6-0 6-1
R16Juraj Masar (SVK)
Michal Voscek (SVK)
Filip Havaj (SVK)
Ivo Klec (SVK)
6-3 4-6 [10-4]
R16Patrik Fabian (SVK)
Matej Maruscak (SVK)
Danylo Kalenichenko (UKR)
Oliver Nagy (SVK)
6-0 5-4 Retired
R16David Skoch (CZE)
Jan Zednik (CZE)
Marek Semjan (4) (SVK)
Jan Simon (SVK)
6-2 6-4
R16Filip Dolezel (WC) (CZE)
Petr Vodak (CZE)
Scott Browne (WC) (AUS)
Ethan Tulliani (AUS)
6-4 6-3
R16Lukas Marsoun (2) (CZE)
Dominik Suc (CZE)
Peter Miklusicak (SVK)
Michal Milko (SVK)
7-5 6-3
Men's Singles Qualifying - Those Winning Q1 Have Qualified
Q1Filip Brtnicky (CZE)Jakub Hadrava (CZE)6-2 6-4[H2H]
Q1Robert Januch (SVK)Peter Mick (SVK)6-3 6-4[H2H]
Q1Petr Vodak (CZE)Ivan Starke (SVK)6-2 6-4[H2H]
Q1Fabrizio Ornago (4) (ITA)Jakub Novak (SVK)6-4 6-3[H2H]
Q1Michal Bisko (5) (CZE)Jan Simon (SVK)6-4 3-6 6-2[H2H]
Q1Maxim Maksimyuk (RUS)Jan Zednik (6) (CZE)6-3 6-3[H2H]
Q1Remy Chala (7) (FRA)Marco Benussi (ITA)6-0 6-3[H2H]
Q1Matej Maruscak (SVK)David Pavlik (8) (CZE)5-7 7-5 6-3[H2H]
Q2Jakub Hadrava (CZE)Ivo Klec (1) (SVK)6-2 3-6 6-2[H2H]
Q2Filip Brtnicky (CZE)Adam Kulich (SVK)6-0 6-7(5) 6-0[H2H]
Q2Robert Januch (SVK)Vaclav Safranek (2) (CZE)6-2 3-6 6-4[H2H]
Q2Peter Mick (SVK)Lukas Smolak (SVK)6-4 6-2[H2H]
Q2Petr Vodak (CZE)Filip Havaj (3) (SVK)7-5 6-3[H2H]
Q2Ivan Starke (SVK)Roman Sentivanyi (SVK)6-3 6-0[H2H]
Q2Fabrizio Ornago (4) (ITA)Filip Dolezel (CZE)6-4 6-3[H2H]
Q2Jakub Novak (SVK)Tomas Musil (CZE)6-4 3-6 6-3[H2H]
Q2Michal Bisko (5) (CZE)Stepan Safranek (CZE)6-2 6-1[H2H]
Q2Jan Simon (SVK)Michal Marko (SVK)6-4 2-6 6-0[H2H]
Q2Jan Zednik (6) (CZE)Ivan Hric (SVK)6-3 6-2[H2H]
Q2Maxim Maksimyuk (RUS)Marek Valasik (WC) (SVK)7-5 6-1[H2H]
Q2Remy Chala (7) (FRA)Matej Selecky (SVK)6-3 6-4[H2H]
Q2Marco Benussi (ITA)Peter Miklusicak (SVK)6-7(6) 6-2 6-2[H2H]
Q2David Pavlik (8) (CZE)Stanislav Nebojsa (CZE)6-3 6-3[H2H]
Q2Matej Maruscak (SVK)Marek Jaloviec (9) (CZE)6-2 6-2[H2H]
Q3Ivo Klec (1) (SVK)ByeBye[H2H]
Q3Jakub Hadrava (CZE)Michal Skrla (SVK)6-3 3-6 6-3[H2H]
Q3Filip Brtnicky (CZE)Marek Nerusil (CZE)6-0 6-1[H2H]
Q3Adam Kulich (SVK)Samuel Hodor (SVK)7-5 6-4[H2H]
Q3Vaclav Safranek (2) (CZE)ByeBye[H2H]
Q3Robert Januch (SVK)David Mikula (SVK)6-3 6-2[H2H]
Q3Peter Mick (SVK)Martin Caro (SVK)7-6(4) 5-7 6-4[H2H]
Q3Lukas Smolak (SVK)Tom Wenger ()4-6 7-5 6-2[H2H]
Q3Filip Havaj (3) (SVK)ByeBye[H2H]
Q3Petr Vodak (CZE)Martin Mihal (SVK)6-0 6-1[H2H]
Q3Ivan Starke (SVK)Patrik Cvik (SVK)6-4 7-5[H2H]
Q3Roman Sentivanyi (SVK)Marek Lukacovic (SVK)6-3 6-2[H2H]
Q3Fabrizio Ornago (4) (ITA)ByeBye[H2H]
Q3Filip Dolezel (CZE)Peter Novacek (WC) (SVK)6-1 7-6(2)[H2H]
Q3Jakub Novak (SVK)Filip Kratochvila (SVK)6-2 6-3[H2H]
Q3Tomas Musil (CZE)Dennis Merdan (SWE)6-4 6-3[H2H]
Q3Michal Bisko (5) (CZE)ByeBye[H2H]
Q3Stepan Safranek (CZE)ByeBye[H2H]
Q3Michal Marko (SVK)Ethan Tulliani (AUS)6-4 6-3[H2H]
Q3Jan Simon (SVK)Michal Lukacovic (SVK)4-6 7-6(11) 6-2[H2H]
Q3Jan Zednik (6) (CZE)ByeBye[H2H]
Q3Ivan Hric (SVK)ByeBye[H2H]
Q3Marek Valasik (WC) (SVK)Tomas Hons (CZE)7-6(3) 3-6 7-5[H2H]
Q3Maxim Maksimyuk (RUS)Filipp Ivanov (RUS)6-1 6-1[H2H]
Q3Remy Chala (7) (FRA)ByeBye[H2H]
Q3Matej Selecky (SVK)Radoslav Novodomec (SVK)6-2 6-1[H2H]
Q3Peter Miklusicak (SVK)Mario Osmakcic ()6-4 6-0[H2H]
Q3Marco Benussi (ITA)Scott Browne (AUS)6-3 6-3[H2H]
Q3David Pavlik (8) (CZE)ByeBye[H2H]
Q3Stanislav Nebojsa (CZE)Filip Madluska (SVK)6-2 6-0[H2H]
Q3Matej Maruscak (SVK)Marek Sramek (SVK)6-4 6-4[H2H]
Q3Marek Jaloviec (9) (CZE)ByeBye[H2H]

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