ATP Norway F1 Futures Draw (Men's) - 1998

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Norway F1 Futures Event Details:

IndoorOslo, Norway
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RoundWinning PlayerLosing PlayerScoreH2H
Men's Singles
FNicklas Timfjord (4) (SWE)Jan Hermansson (7) (SWE)4-6 6-3 7-6[H2H]
SFJan Hermansson (7) (SWE)Mattias Hellstrom (6Q) (SWE)7-5 6-3[H2H]
SFNicklas Timfjord (4) (SWE)Johan Settergren (2) (SWE)6-4 6-3[H2H]
QFJan Hermansson (7) (SWE)Jon Hedman (SWE)6-4 7-5[H2H]
QFMattias Hellstrom (6Q) (SWE)Johan Hede (3) (SWE)6-1 7-6[H2H]
QFNicklas Timfjord (4) (SWE)Henrik Andersson (5) (SWE)6-1 6-1[H2H]
QFJohan Settergren (2) (SWE)Meride Zahirovic (8Q) (GER)6-2 6-4[H2H]
R16Jon Hedman (SWE)Manuel Jorquera (ITA)7-5 6-2[H2H]
R16Jan Hermansson (7) (SWE)Marcus Lund (SWE)6-2 7-5[H2H]
R16Johan Hede (3) (SWE)Johan Karlsson (Q) (SWE)4-6 6-4 7-5[H2H]
R16Mattias Hellstrom (6Q) (SWE)Lars Hjarrand (WC) (NOR)7-5 6-4[H2H]
R16Henrik Andersson (5) (SWE)Kasper Warming (DNK)6-3 7-6[H2H]
R16Nicklas Timfjord (4) (SWE)Jacob Adaktusson (SWE)7-6 2-6 6-3[H2H]
R16Meride Zahirovic (8Q) (GER)Ashley Fisher (Q) (AUS)7-6 6-1[H2H]
R16Johan Settergren (2) (SWE)Jonas Froberg (Q) (SWE)6-3 6-4[H2H]
R32Jon Hedman (SWE)Helge Koll-Frafjord (1) (NOR)3-6 6-4 6-3[H2H]
R32Manuel Jorquera (ITA)Stian Boretti (WC) (NOR)6-1 6-1[H2H]
R32Marcus Lund (SWE)Falk Nier (GER)6-7 6-2 7-5[H2H]
R32Jan Hermansson (7) (SWE)Joachim Lien (WC) (NOR)6-2 6-1[H2H]
R32Johan Hede (3) (SWE)Jan-Axel Tribler ()7-6 7-6[H2H]
R32Johan Karlsson (Q) (SWE)Daniel Schalen (Q) (SWE)3-6 6-4 7-5[H2H]
R32Lars Hjarrand (WC) (NOR)Michael Boulding ()6-4 6-2[H2H]
R32Mattias Hellstrom (6Q) (SWE)Oyvind Alver (WC) (NOR)6-3 6-1[H2H]
R32Henrik Andersson (5) (SWE)Mitty Arnold (USA)4-6 7-5 7-6[H2H]
R32Kasper Warming (DNK)Kristofer Stahlberg (Q) (SWE)7-5 7-6[H2H]
R32Jacob Adaktusson (SWE)Arvid Swan (USA)6-4 6-2[H2H]
R32Nicklas Timfjord (4) (SWE)Alexander Gietl (GER)6-2 7-6[H2H]
R32Meride Zahirovic (8Q) (GER)Hans-Birger Nordstrom (SWE)6-2 6-2[H2H]
R32Ashley Fisher (Q) (AUS)Sunu Thomas (USA)6-4 6-2[H2H]
R32Jonas Froberg (Q) (SWE)Morgan Thempler (Q) (DNK)7-5 6-2[H2H]
R32Johan Settergren (2) (SWE)Viktor Bruthans (SVK)6-1 6-1[H2H]
Men's Doubles
FLars Hjarrand (2) (NOR)
Helge Koll-Frafjord (NOR)
Ben Gabler (USA)
Arvid Swan (USA)
6-1 3-6 6-3
SFBen Gabler (USA)
Arvid Swan (USA)
Ashley Fisher (1) (AUS)
Tobias Huning (GER)
3-6 7-5 6-4
SFLars Hjarrand (2) (NOR)
Helge Koll-Frafjord (NOR)
Henrik Andersson (3) (SWE)
Nicklas Timfjord (SWE)
6-2 6-2
QFAshley Fisher (1) (AUS)
Tobias Huning (GER)
Jan Hermansson (SWE)
Hans-Birger Nordstrom (SWE)
7-6 4-6 6-1
QFBen Gabler (USA)
Arvid Swan (USA)
Rodrigo Laub (LL) (BRA)
Michele Minelli (ITA)
6-2 6-4
QFHenrik Andersson (3) (SWE)
Nicklas Timfjord (SWE)
Jonas Froberg (Q) (SWE)
Daniel Norberg (SWE)
6-2 4-6 6-2
QFLars Hjarrand (2) (NOR)
Helge Koll-Frafjord (NOR)
Mitty Arnold (USA)
Sunu Thomas (USA)
7-5 3-6 7-5
R16Ashley Fisher (1) (AUS)
Tobias Huning (GER)
Meride Zahirovic (GER)
Mirza Zahirovic (BIH)
6-2 6-2
R16Jan Hermansson (SWE)
Hans-Birger Nordstrom (SWE)
Oyvind Alver (WC) (NOR)
Marius Bohler (NOR)
6-0 6-1
R16Rodrigo Laub (LL) (BRA)
Michele Minelli (ITA)
Stian Boretti (WC) (NOR)
Joachim Lien (NOR)
6-3 6-7 7-5
R16Ben Gabler (USA)
Arvid Swan (USA)
Jorgen Arnesen (WC) (NOR)
Alexander Hoyem (NOR)
6-4 6-4
R16Jonas Froberg (Q) (SWE)
Daniel Norberg (SWE)
Jan-Axel Tribler ()
Kasper Warming (DNK)
6-4 6-2
R16Henrik Andersson (3) (SWE)
Nicklas Timfjord (SWE)
Jon Hedman (SWE)
Marcus Lund (SWE)
2-0 Retired
R16Mitty Arnold (USA)
Sunu Thomas (USA)
Viktor Bruthans (SVK)
Johan Hede (SWE)
6-3 6-1
R16Lars Hjarrand (2) (NOR)
Helge Koll-Frafjord (NOR)
Mattias Hellstrom (SWE)
Jonas Osterman (SWE)
4-6 6-2 6-4
Men's Singles Qualifying - Those Winning Q1 Have Qualified
Q1Mattias Hellstrom (1) (SWE)Matthis Kempe-Bergman (SWE)6-3 6-2[H2H]
Q1Meride Zahirovic (2) (GER)Helge Rosjo (NOR)6-4 6-3[H2H]
Q1Ashley Fisher (AUS)Vegard Fjeldheim ()6-1 6-0[H2H]
Q1Jonas Froberg (SWE)Jonas Osterman (SWE)3-6 6-3 6-2[H2H]
Q1Johan Karlsson (SWE)Richard Olander (NOR)6-0 6-2[H2H]
Q1Kristofer Stahlberg (SWE)Joel Christensen (SWE)6-3 6-2[H2H]
Q1Morgan Thempler (DNK)Michael Rasmussen ()6-2 6-3[H2H]
Q1Daniel Schalen (SWE)Lars-Goran Svensson (SWE)6-3 6-1[H2H]
Q2Mattias Hellstrom (1) (SWE)Filip Prpic (SWE)6-1 6-0[H2H]
Q2Matthis Kempe-Bergman (SWE)Nandor Veres (NOR)6-3 6-2[H2H]
Q2Meride Zahirovic (2) (GER)Daniel Norberg (SWE)6-3 6-0[H2H]
Q2Helge Rosjo (NOR)Philip Riise-Hansen (NOR)WO[H2H]
Q2Ashley Fisher (AUS)Tobias Huning (3) (GER)7-5 4-6 6-3[H2H]
Q2Vegard Fjeldheim ()Christoffer Bjerknes (NOR)WO[H2H]
Q2Jonas Osterman (SWE)Rene Heidbrink (GER)WO[H2H]
Q2Jonas Froberg (SWE)Fredrik Persson (SWE)7-6 7-6[H2H]
Q2Richard Olander (NOR)Claes Westlin (SWE)WO[H2H]
Q2Johan Karlsson (SWE)Simon Hancock (AUS)6-3 6-3[H2H]
Q2Joel Christensen (SWE)Christopher Hagen (NOR)6-0 6-0[H2H]
Q2Kristofer Stahlberg (SWE)Stig Tore Strom (NOR)6-1 6-1[H2H]
Q2Morgan Thempler (DNK)Alexander Hoyem (NOR)5-7 6-3 6-4[H2H]
Q2Michael Rasmussen ()Mirza Zahirovic (BIH)6-1 6-4[H2H]
Q2Daniel Schalen (SWE)Timo Nieminen (FIN)6-1 6-0[H2H]
Q2Lars-Goran Svensson (SWE)Jonas M. Svensson (SWE)4-6 6-0 6-4[H2H]
Q3Mattias Hellstrom (1) (SWE)ByeBye[H2H]
Q3Filip Prpic (SWE)Marius Lunde (NOR)6-2 6-0[H2H]
Q3Matthis Kempe-Bergman (SWE)Ken Ditlefsen (NOR)6-3 6-2[H2H]
Q3Nandor Veres (NOR)ByeBye[H2H]
Q3Meride Zahirovic (2) (GER)ByeBye[H2H]
Q3Daniel Norberg (SWE)ByeBye[H2H]
Q3Helge Rosjo (NOR)Jan-Petter Jacobsen (NOR)6-0 6-0[H2H]
Q3Philip Riise-Hansen (NOR)ByeBye[H2H]
Q3Tobias Huning (3) (GER)ByeBye[H2H]
Q3Ashley Fisher (AUS)Lars Pillgram-Larsen (NOR)6-0 6-0[H2H]
Q3Vegard Fjeldheim ()Egil Anonsen (NOR)6-2 6-4[H2H]
Q3Christoffer Bjerknes (NOR)ByeBye[H2H]
Q3Rene Heidbrink (GER)ByeBye[H2H]
Q3Jonas Osterman (SWE)Jorgen Arnesen (NOR)6-2 6-4[H2H]
Q3Jonas Froberg (SWE)Marius Bohler (NOR)6-0 3-6 7-6[H2H]
Q3Fredrik Persson (SWE)ByeBye[H2H]
Q3Richard Olander (NOR)ByeBye[H2H]
Q3Claes Westlin (SWE)David McCabe (AUS)6-1 6-2[H2H]
Q3Simon Hancock (AUS)Fredrick Haarr (NOR)6-4 6-2[H2H]
Q3Johan Karlsson (SWE)ByeBye[H2H]
Q3Joel Christensen (SWE)ByeBye[H2H]
Q3Christopher Hagen (NOR)ByeBye[H2H]
Q3Stig Tore Strom (NOR)Tamas Fogel (HUN)6-1 6-3[H2H]
Q3Kristofer Stahlberg (SWE)ByeBye[H2H]
Q3Morgan Thempler (DNK)ByeBye[H2H]
Q3Alexander Hoyem (NOR)Frederick Sundsten (NOR)6-4 7-5[H2H]
Q3Michael Rasmussen ()ByeBye[H2H]
Q3Mirza Zahirovic (BIH)ByeBye[H2H]
Q3Timo Nieminen (FIN)ByeBye[H2H]
Q3Daniel Schalen (SWE)Michele Minelli (ITA)6-4 6-7 6-4[H2H]
Q3Lars-Goran Svensson (SWE)Rodrigo Laub (BRA)6-4 6-0[H2H]
Q3Jonas M. Svensson (SWE)ByeBye[H2H]
Men's Doubles Qualifying - Those Winning Q1 Have Qualified
Q1Jonas Froberg (A) (SWE)
Daniel Norberg (SWE)
Joel Christensen (SWE)
Matthis Kempe-Bergman (SWE)
4-6 6-3 7-6
Q2Joel Christensen (SWE)
Matthis Kempe-Bergman (SWE)
Rodrigo Laub (1) (BRA)
Michele Minelli (ITA)
6-3 6-3
Q2Jonas Froberg (A) (SWE)
Daniel Norberg (SWE)
Michael Rasmussen (2) ()
Morgan Thempler (DNK)
6-4 7-6