ATP Netherlands F6 Futures Draw (Men's) - 2012

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Netherlands F6 Futures Event Details:

OutdoorRotterdam, Netherlands
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RoundWinning PlayerLosing PlayerScoreH2H
Men's Singles
FJesse Huta Galung (1WC) (NED)Axel Michon (3) (FRA)6-2 7-6(3) [H2H]
SFJesse Huta Galung (1WC) (NED)Victor Baluda (4) (RUS)4-6 6-3 6-3 [H2H]
SFAxel Michon (3) (FRA)Gerald Melzer (2) (AUT)3-6 6-4 6-1 [H2H]
QFJesse Huta Galung (1WC) (NED)Wesley Koolhof (NED)6-1 6-4 [H2H]
QFVictor Baluda (4) (RUS)Markus Eriksson (SWE)7-5 3-6 6-2 [H2H]
QFAxel Michon (3) (FRA)Sebastian Lavie (NZL)6-2 6-3 [H2H]
QFGerald Melzer (2) (AUT)Sam Barry (IRL)6-4 6-2 [H2H]
R16Jesse Huta Galung (1WC) (NED)Stephan Fransen (Q) (NED)6-4 7-6(2) [H2H]
R16Wesley Koolhof (NED)Filippo Leonardi (8) (ITA)6-0 6-3 [H2H]
R16Victor Baluda (4) (RUS)Matthew Pierot (NED)7-6(3) 6-3 [H2H]
R16Markus Eriksson (SWE)Oliver Golding (6) (GBR)5-7 7-6(6) 6-1 [H2H]
R16Sebastian Lavie (NZL)Lennert Van Der Linden (NED)6-2 6-1 [H2H]
R16Axel Michon (3) (FRA)Henrik Sillanpaa (FIN)6-3 6-2 [H2H]
R16Sam Barry (IRL)Riccardo Maiga (SUI)3-6 6-1 6-3 [H2H]
R16Gerald Melzer (2) (AUT)Jeroen Benard (WC) (NED)6-1 6-3 [H2H]
R32Jesse Huta Galung (1WC) (NED)Miguel-Angel Reyes-Varela (MEX)6-4 6-3 [H2H]
R32Stephan Fransen (Q) (NED)Moos Sporken (Q) (NED)6-3 2-0 Retired[H2H]
R32Wesley Koolhof (NED)Bobbie De Goeijen (WC) (NED)6-0 6-2 [H2H]
R32Filippo Leonardi (8) (ITA)Kim Moellers (Q) (GER)7-6(2) 6-0 [H2H]
R32Victor Baluda (4) (RUS)Alexander Mannapov (Q) (RUS)6-1 6-4 [H2H]
R32Matthew Pierot (NED)Andrei Plotniy (Q) (RUS)6-1 7-6(6) [H2H]
R32Markus Eriksson (SWE)Bruno Rodriguez (PR) (MEX)6-0 6-1 [H2H]
R32Oliver Golding (6) (GBR)Kevin Griekspoor (NED)6-4 2-6 6-3 [H2H]
R32Sebastian Lavie (NZL)Roberto Marcora (7) (ITA)2-6 6-2 6-4 [H2H]
R32Lennert Van Der Linden (NED)Torsten Wietoska (Q) (GER)3-6 7-6(2) 6-4 [H2H]
R32Henrik Sillanpaa (FIN)Alexander Blom (AHO)4-6 7-5 6-2 [H2H]
R32Axel Michon (3) (FRA)Yannick Ebbinghaus (Q) (NED)5-7 7-6(6) 6-3 [H2H]
R32Sam Barry (IRL)Alexandre Folie (5) (BEL)7-5 4-6 6-3 [H2H]
R32Riccardo Maiga (SUI)Lukas Ruepke (Q) (GER)6-3 6-4 [H2H]
R32Jeroen Benard (WC) (NED)Jannick Lupescu (WC) (NED)6-1 7-6(3) [H2H]
R32Gerald Melzer (2) (AUT)Patrik Brydolf (SWE)6-4 6-2 [H2H]
Men's Doubles
FStephan Fransen (1) (NED)
Gerald Melzer (AUT)
Miguel-Angel Reyes-Varela (2) (MEX)
Bruno Rodriguez (MEX)
6-3 7-6(3)
SFStephan Fransen (1) (NED)
Gerald Melzer (AUT)
Yannick Ebbinghaus (NED)
Matthew Pierot (NED)
7-5 6-2
SFMiguel-Angel Reyes-Varela (2) (MEX)
Bruno Rodriguez (MEX)
Romano Frantzen (3) (NED)
Wesley Koolhof (NED)
6-4 6-3
QFStephan Fransen (1) (NED)
Gerald Melzer (AUT)
Jesper Brunstrom (SWE)
Markus Eriksson (SWE)
0-6 6-1 [11-9]
QFYannick Ebbinghaus (NED)
Matthew Pierot (NED)
Filippo Leonardi (ITA)
Roberto Marcora (ITA)
6-3 6-2
QFRomano Frantzen (3) (NED)
Wesley Koolhof (NED)
Bobbie De Goeijen (NED)
Jannick Lupescu (NED)
6-4 6-1
QFMiguel-Angel Reyes-Varela (2) (MEX)
Bruno Rodriguez (MEX)
Kim Moellers (GER)
Torsten Wietoska (GER)
6-4 6-4
R16Stephan Fransen (1) (NED)
Gerald Melzer (AUT)
Victor Baluda (RUS)
Patrick Elias (GER)
6-4 6-4
R16Jesper Brunstrom (SWE)
Markus Eriksson (SWE)
Alexander Blom (AHO)
Kevin Griekspoor (NED)
5-7 6-4 [10-5]
R16Filippo Leonardi (ITA)
Roberto Marcora (ITA)
Sam Barry (4) (IRL)
Sebastian Lavie (NZL)
2-6 7-6(3) [12-10]
R16Yannick Ebbinghaus (NED)
Matthew Pierot (NED)
Riccardo Maiga (SUI)
Uros Vico (ITA)
6-2 6-2
R16Bobbie De Goeijen (NED)
Jannick Lupescu (NED)
David Chaplefeh Forchap (GER)
Mark Kolenberg (BEL)
6-1 6-2
R16Romano Frantzen (3) (NED)
Wesley Koolhof (NED)
Stefan De Jong (NED)
Moos Sporken (NED)
6-3 6-2
R16Kim Moellers (GER)
Torsten Wietoska (GER)
Patrick Ganet (AUS)
Benjamin Strunk (GER)
7-5 6-2
R16Miguel-Angel Reyes-Varela (2) (MEX)
Bruno Rodriguez (MEX)
Robert Constantinovici (ROU)
Egbert Weverink (NED)
6-3 6-2
Men's Singles Qualifying - Those Winning Q1 Have Qualified
Q1Yannick Ebbinghaus (1) (NED)Jesper Brunstrom (SWE)2-6 6-2 6-2 [H2H]
Q1Andrei Plotniy (2) (RUS)Bart De Gelder (NED)6-4 6-4 [H2H]
Q1Stephan Fransen (3) (NED)Sebastiaan Bonapart (NED)6-1 6-2 [H2H]
Q1Moos Sporken (NED)Patrick Elias (4) (GER)4-6 6-3 6-2 [H2H]
Q1Lukas Ruepke (GER)Joop Bos (5) (NED)6-1 6-2 [H2H]
Q1Kim Moellers (6) (GER)Pim Toonders (NED)7-5 6-3 [H2H]
Q1Torsten Wietoska (GER)Romano Frantzen (7) (NED)7-6(5) 5-7 7-5 [H2H]
Q1Alexander Mannapov (RUS)David Pel (8) (NED)6-3 7-5 [H2H]
Q2Yannick Ebbinghaus (1) (NED)Alex Bucewicz (AUS)6-1 6-0 [H2H]
Q2Jesper Brunstrom (SWE)Daan Maasland (NED)6-4 6-0 [H2H]
Q2Andrei Plotniy (2) (RUS)Charles Minc (FRA)6-4 5-7 6-2 [H2H]
Q2Bart De Gelder (NED)Roy Sarut De Valk (NED)6-4 6-3 [H2H]
Q2Stephan Fransen (3) (NED)Robert Van De Pas (NED)6-0 6-1 [H2H]
Q2Sebastiaan Bonapart (NED)Tom Mannings (GBR)6-1 6-3 [H2H]
Q2Patrick Elias (4) (GER)David Chaplefeh Forchap (GER)6-3 6-2 [H2H]
Q2Moos Sporken (NED)Sidney De Boer (NED)6-4 6-4 [H2H]
Q2Joop Bos (5) (NED)Robert Constantinovici (ROU)6-2 7-6(10) [H2H]
Q2Lukas Ruepke (GER)Robert Willekes Macdonald (NED)6-1 7-5 [H2H]
Q2Kim Moellers (6) (GER)Rich Van Hout (NED)6-2 6-1 [H2H]
Q2Pim Toonders (NED)Stefan De Jong (NED)6-3 6-2 [H2H]
Q2Romano Frantzen (7) (NED)Joep Dieteren (NED)6-1 6-1 [H2H]
Q2Torsten Wietoska (GER)Nicolas Dvorak (GER)6-7(5) 6-3 6-0 [H2H]
Q2David Pel (8) (NED)Niclas Genovese (SUI)6-3 6-3 [H2H]
Q2Alexander Mannapov (RUS)Patrick Ganet (AUS)7-6(4) 7-6(5) [H2H]
Q3Yannick Ebbinghaus (1) (NED)Bye
Q3Alex Bucewicz (AUS)Suwat Chatkaewboriboon (THA)6-1 6-1 [H2H]
Q3Daan Maasland (NED)Ivan Vereshchaga (RUS)4-6 6-2 6-2 [H2H]
Q3Jesper Brunstrom (SWE)Bye
Q3Andrei Plotniy (2) (RUS)Bye
Q3Charles Minc (FRA)Paul Monteban (NED)6-1 6-3 [H2H]
Q3Bart De Gelder (NED)Enrico Craighero (ITA)6-0 6-0 [H2H]
Q3Roy Sarut De Valk (NED)Bye
Q3Stephan Fransen (3) (NED)Bye
Q3Robert Van De Pas (NED)Kevin Benning (NED)6-3 3-6 6-4 [H2H]
Q3Sebastiaan Bonapart (NED)Benjamin Strunk (GER)6-4 6-1 [H2H]
Q3Tom Mannings (GBR)Bye
Q3Patrick Elias (4) (GER)Bye
Q3David Chaplefeh Forchap (GER)Bye
Q3Sidney De Boer (NED)Simon Musset (FRA)3-6 6-1 6-2 [H2H]
Q3Moos Sporken (NED)Bye
Q3Joop Bos (5) (NED)Bye
Q3Robert Constantinovici (ROU)Vincent Jaensch-Mueller (GER)6-1 6-4 [H2H]
Q3Robert Willekes Macdonald (NED)Mithun Prathilal Raman (GBR)6-1 6-0 [H2H]
Q3Lukas Ruepke (GER)Bye
Q3Kim Moellers (6) (GER)Bye
Q3Rich Van Hout (NED)Rutger Cramer (NED)1-6 6-1 6-2 [H2H]
Q3Stefan De Jong (NED)Tallon Griekspoor (NED)6-2 6-3 [H2H]
Q3Pim Toonders (NED)Bye
Q3Romano Frantzen (7) (NED)Bye
Q3Joep Dieteren (NED)George Davies (GBR)7-6(2) 7-5 [H2H]
Q3Torsten Wietoska (GER)Egbert Weverink (NED)6-1 6-2 [H2H]
Q3Nicolas Dvorak (GER)Bye
Q3David Pel (8) (NED)Bye
Q3Niclas Genovese (SUI)Daniel Gallivoda (CZE)6-1 6-3 [H2H]
Q3Patrick Ganet (AUS)Mark Kolenberg (BEL)6-1 6-3 [H2H]
Q3Alexander Mannapov (RUS)Bye

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