ATP Netherlands F4 Futures Draw (Men's) - 2008

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Netherlands F4 Futures Event Details:

OutdoorEnschede, Netherlands
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RoundWinning PlayerLosing PlayerScoreH2H
Men's Singles
FSascha Kloer (Q) (GER)Kevin Deden (GER)2-6 6-0 7-5 [H2H]
SFSascha Kloer (Q) (GER)Max Raditschnigg (5) (AUT)7-6(11) 6-2 [H2H]
SFKevin Deden (GER)Evthimios Karaliolios (WC) (NED)7-5 6-2 [H2H]
QFMax Raditschnigg (5) (AUT)Jakub Praibis (CZE)3-6 7-5 6-3 [H2H]
QFSascha Kloer (Q) (GER)Photos Kallias (7) (CYP)6-4 6-3 [H2H]
QFKevin Deden (GER)Thomas Schoorel (8) (NED)6-3 6-0 [H2H]
QFEvthimios Karaliolios (WC) (NED)Clement Reix (6) (FRA)6-4 6-7(4) 6-1 [H2H]
R16Jakub Praibis (CZE)Stephan Fransen (NED)3-6 6-4 6-4 [H2H]
R16Max Raditschnigg (5) (AUT)Justin Eleveld (WC) (NED)3-6 1-0 Retired[H2H]
R16Sascha Kloer (Q) (GER)Roy Bruggeling (Q) (NED)6-0 6-3 [H2H]
R16Photos Kallias (7) (CYP)Tim Van Terheijden (WC) (NED)6-2 6-4 [H2H]
R16Thomas Schoorel (8) (NED)Alexander Blom (AHO)6-2 6-1 [H2H]
R16Kevin Deden (GER)Ivo Mijic (Q) (GER)6-2 6-0 [H2H]
R16Clement Reix (6) (FRA)Bas Van Der Valk (NED)7-6(4) 4-6 6-4 [H2H]
R16Evthimios Karaliolios (WC) (NED)Marc-Andre Stratling (2Q) (GER)7-6(5) 6-1 [H2H]
R32Jakub Praibis (CZE)Edward Seator (1Q) (GBR)3-6 7-5 7-6(7) [H2H]
R32Stephan Fransen (NED)Xander Spong (WC) (NED)6-1 6-1 [H2H]
R32Justin Eleveld (WC) (NED)Christoph Radecke (Q) (GER)7-5 6-1 [H2H]
R32Max Raditschnigg (5) (AUT)David Estruch (ESP)6-0 6-1 [H2H]
R32Sascha Kloer (Q) (GER)Roman Kutac (4) (CZE)6-1 6-3 [H2H]
R32Roy Bruggeling (Q) (NED)Martin Emmrich (GER)1-6 6-4 6-2 [H2H]
R32Tim Van Terheijden (WC) (NED)Remko De Rijke (NED)3-6 6-2 7-6(4) [H2H]
R32Photos Kallias (7) (CYP)Jan Guler (Q) (SUI)6-0 6-3 [H2H]
R32Thomas Schoorel (8) (NED)Oriol Hernandez-Pastor (ESP)6-2 6-3 [H2H]
R32Alexander Blom (AHO)Peter Torebko (GER)7-5 7-6(1) [H2H]
R32Ivo Mijic (Q) (GER)David Klier (GER)6-1 1-0 Retired[H2H]
R32Kevin Deden (GER)Gero Kretschmer (3) (GER)6-2 5-7 6-2 [H2H]
R32Clement Reix (6) (FRA)Massimo Capone (ITA)7-5 6-1 [H2H]
R32Bas Van Der Valk (NED)Holger Zuehlsdorff-Pavlovic (GER)6-4 6-2 [H2H]
R32Evthimios Karaliolios (WC) (NED)Romano Frantzen (SE) (NED)6-2 4-6 6-2 [H2H]
R32Marc-Andre Stratling (2Q) (GER)Pedro Sousa (Q) (POR)7-6(7) 6-0 [H2H]
Men's Doubles
FRoy Bruggeling (2) (NED)
Bas Van Der Valk (NED)
Stephan Fransen (1) (NED)
Romano Frantzen (NED)
6-3 6-4
SFStephan Fransen (1) (NED)
Romano Frantzen (NED)
Photos Kallias (CYP)
Max Raditschnigg (AUT)
6-3 5-7 [12-10]
SFRoy Bruggeling (2) (NED)
Bas Van Der Valk (NED)
Colin O'brien (3) (IRL)
Edward Seator (GBR)
6-1 6-3
QFStephan Fransen (1) (NED)
Romano Frantzen (NED)
Alexander Blom (AHO)
David Estruch (ESP)
6-1 6-3
QFPhotos Kallias (CYP)
Max Raditschnigg (AUT)
Francesc Aulina (ESP)
Sergio De La Fuente-Ramos (ESP)
6-1 6-3
QFColin O'brien (3) (IRL)
Edward Seator (GBR)
Peter Torebko (GER)
Holger Zuehlsdorff-Pavlovic (GER)
6-0 6-2
QFRoy Bruggeling (2) (NED)
Bas Van Der Valk (NED)
Xander Spong (NED)
Tim Van Terheijden (NED)
6-2 6-7(5) [10-7]
R16Stephan Fransen (1) (NED)
Romano Frantzen (NED)
Massimo Capone (ITA)
Remko De Rijke (NED)
6-1 6-2
R16Alexander Blom (AHO)
David Estruch (ESP)
Timur Chernykh (RUS)
Kirill Karpenko (RUS)
6-0 6-1
R16Photos Kallias (CYP)
Max Raditschnigg (AUT)
Martin Emmrich (4) (GER)
Gero Kretschmer (GER)
R16Francesc Aulina (ESP)
Sergio De La Fuente-Ramos (ESP)
Michal Nevrela (NED)
Micha Jonathan Winkler (SUI)
6-3 6-4
R16Peter Torebko (GER)
Holger Zuehlsdorff-Pavlovic (GER)
Ramiro Garcia (DOM)
Jose-Rolando Vazquez (MEX)
6-0 6-2
R16Colin O'brien (3) (IRL)
Edward Seator (GBR)
Ura Mukovoz (RUS)
Yan Sabanin (RUS)
6-3 6-0
R16Xander Spong (NED)
Tim Van Terheijden (NED)
Kujtim Bajrami (SUI)
Jan Guler (SUI)
6-2 6-2
R16Roy Bruggeling (2) (NED)
Bas Van Der Valk (NED)
David Klier (GER)
Roman Kutac (CZE)
Men's Singles Qualifying - Those Winning Q1 Have Qualified
Q1Edward Seator (1) (GBR)Andre Mordhorst (GER)6-2 6-3 [H2H]
Q1Marc-Andre Stratling (2) (GER)Dominik Pfeiffer (GER)6-3 1-0 Retired[H2H]
Q1Sascha Kloer (3) (GER)Tomislav Brkic (BIH)6-2 6-3 [H2H]
Q1Roy Bruggeling (NED)Yan Sabanin (RUS)6-1 6-1 [H2H]
Q1Pedro Sousa (5) (POR)Kujtim Bajrami (SUI)6-0 7-5 [H2H]
Q1Christoph Radecke (6) (GER)Kirill Karpenko (RUS)6-0 6-0 [H2H]
Q1Ivo Mijic (7WC) (GER)Ura Mukovoz (RUS)6-0 6-0 [H2H]
Q1Jan Guler (SUI)Mark Vervoort (NED)6-0 4-6 6-3 [H2H]
Q2Edward Seator (1) (GBR)Bye
Q2Andre Mordhorst (GER)Roman Soldatov (RUS)6-1 6-1 [H2H]
Q2Marc-Andre Stratling (2) (GER)Bye
Q2Dominik Pfeiffer (GER)Gregorio Espinosa Muller (ESP)6-1 6-2 [H2H]
Q2Sascha Kloer (3) (GER)Ramiro Garcia (DOM)6-0 6-0 [H2H]
Q2Tomislav Brkic (BIH)Micha Jonathan Winkler (SUI)6-0 6-2 [H2H]
Q2Roy Bruggeling (NED)Colin O'brien (4) (IRL)6-3 6-1 [H2H]
Q2Yan Sabanin (RUS)Sergio De La Fuente-Ramos (ESP)3-6 6-2 6-4 [H2H]
Q2Pedro Sousa (5) (POR)Francesc Aulina (ESP)6-4 6-4 [H2H]
Q2Kujtim Bajrami (SUI)Timur Chernykh (RUS)6-1 6-0 [H2H]
Q2Christoph Radecke (6) (GER)Michal Nevrela (NED)6-4 6-3 [H2H]
Q2Kirill Karpenko (RUS)Glenn Jackson (AUS)7-5 6-4 [H2H]
Q2Ivo Mijic (7WC) (GER)Jose-Rolando Vazquez (MEX)6-2 6-2 [H2H]
Q2Ura Mukovoz (RUS)Maximilian Phillips (GBR)6-3 6-2 [H2H]
Q2Mark Vervoort (NED)Stefan Bodde (NED)6-4 4-6 6-2 [H2H]
Q2Jan Guler (SUI)Bob Huuskes (NED)6-1 1-6 6-1 [H2H]

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