ATP India F1 Futures Draw (Men's) - 2010

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India F1 Futures Event Details:

OutdoorKolkata, India
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RoundWinning PlayerLosing PlayerScoreH2H
Men's Singles
FNathan Thompson (8) (USA)Rupesh Roy (6) (IND)4-6 6-2 7-5[H2H]
SFRupesh Roy (6) (IND)N. Vijay Sundar Prashanth (WC) (IND)6-2 6-4[H2H]
SFNathan Thompson (8) (USA)Roman Jebavy (5) (CZE)6-2 6-3[H2H]
QFN. Vijay Sundar Prashanth (WC) (IND)Almog Mashiach (ISR)6-1 6-4[H2H]
QFRupesh Roy (6) (IND)Karan Rastogi (WC) (IND)6-4 6-4[H2H]
QFNathan Thompson (8) (USA)Ranjeet Virali-Murugesan (4) (IND)6-1 6-3[H2H]
QFRoman Jebavy (5) (CZE)Chris Kwon (Q) (USA)6-2 7-5[H2H]
R16N. Vijay Sundar Prashanth (WC) (IND)Vishnu Vardhan (1) (IND)7-6(3) 5-2 Retired[H2H]
R16Almog Mashiach (ISR)Yannick Nelord (IND)7-6(4) 5-7 6-1[H2H]
R16Karan Rastogi (WC) (IND)Rohan Gajjar (3) (IND)6-2 3-0 Retired[H2H]
R16Rupesh Roy (6) (IND)Vivek Shokeen (IND)6-7(4) 6-4 6-3[H2H]
R16Nathan Thompson (8) (USA)Peter Aarts (Q) (USA)6-3 6-2[H2H]
R16Ranjeet Virali-Murugesan (4) (IND)Nysan Tan (Q) ()3-3 Retired[H2H]
R16Roman Jebavy (5) (CZE)Christopher Racz (USA)6-1 6-1[H2H]
R16Chris Kwon (Q) (USA)Christopher Marquis (Q) (IND)6-4 2-6 7-6(7)[H2H]
R32Vishnu Vardhan (1) (IND)Vikram Reddy B (Q) (IND)7-6(5) 7-6(4)[H2H]
R32N. Vijay Sundar Prashanth (WC) (IND)Liang-Chi Huang (JE) (TPE)6-1 2-0 Retired[H2H]
R32Yannick Nelord (IND)Divij Sharan (IND)6-4 7-6(7)[H2H]
R32Almog Mashiach (ISR)Mikhail Vasiliev (7) (RUS)7-5 Retired[H2H]
R32Rohan Gajjar (3) (IND)Vijayant Malik (IND)6-4 6-4[H2H]
R32Karan Rastogi (WC) (IND)Ruben Gonzales (PHL)6-3 6-3[H2H]
R32Vivek Shokeen (IND)Ashutosh Singh (IND)6-2 6-1[H2H]
R32Rupesh Roy (6) (IND)Vignesh Peranamallur (WC) (IND)6-2 6-1[H2H]
R32Nathan Thompson (8) (USA)Vinayak Sharma Kaza (Q) (IND)6-2 6-1[H2H]
R32Peter Aarts (Q) (USA)Alexei Filenkov (Q) (RUS)6-2 6-2[H2H]
R32Nysan Tan (Q) ()Patrik Brydolf (Q) (SWE)6-3 2-0 Retired[H2H]
R32Ranjeet Virali-Murugesan (4) (IND)N.Sriram Balaji (IND)3-6 6-1 6-3[H2H]
R32Roman Jebavy (5) (CZE)Ronak Manuja (WC) (IND)7-5 6-1[H2H]
R32Christopher Racz (USA)Stephan Fransen (NLD)6-3 6-0[H2H]
R32Chris Kwon (Q) (USA)Adrian Sikora (SVK)6-3 7-6(4)[H2H]
R32Christopher Marquis (Q) (IND)Juan-Pablo Villar (2) (ARG)4-6 6-4 Retired[H2H]
Men's Doubles
FVivek Shokeen (4) (IND)
Ashutosh Singh (IND)
Divij Sharan (1) (IND)
Vishnu Vardhan (IND)
6-3 6-2
SFDivij Sharan (1) (IND)
Vishnu Vardhan (IND)
Shahbaaz Khan (WC) (IND)
Saurav Sukul (IND)
6-2 6-3
SFVivek Shokeen (4) (IND)
Ashutosh Singh (IND)
Roman Jebavy (2) (CZE)
Adrian Sikora (SVK)
6-0 6-7(7) [10-7]
QFDivij Sharan (1) (IND)
Vishnu Vardhan (IND)
Liang-Chi Huang (TPE)
Yannick Nelord (IND)
6-1 7-5
QFShahbaaz Khan (WC) (IND)
Saurav Sukul (IND)
Rohan Gajjar (3) (IND)
Rupesh Roy (IND)
QFVivek Shokeen (4) (IND)
Ashutosh Singh (IND)
Patrik Brydolf (SWE)
Stephan Fransen (NLD)
6-3 6-7(8) [10-2]
QFRoman Jebavy (2) (CZE)
Adrian Sikora (SVK)
Abhijeet Tiwari (WC) (IND)
Akash Wagh (IND)
6-4 6-2
R16Divij Sharan (1) (IND)
Vishnu Vardhan (IND)
Christopher Marquis (IND)
Almog Mashiach (ISR)
6-2 6-1
R16Liang-Chi Huang (TPE)
Yannick Nelord (IND)
Alexei Filenkov (A) (RUS)
Mikhail Pavlov (RUS)
6-3 6-4
R16Rohan Gajjar (3) (IND)
Rupesh Roy (IND)
Ronak Manuja (IND)
N. Vijay Sundar Prashanth (IND)
2-6 6-4 [10-7]
R16Shahbaaz Khan (WC) (IND)
Saurav Sukul (IND)
Kamala Kannan (WC) (IND)
Fariz Mohammed (IND)
6-3 6-3
R16Patrik Brydolf (SWE)
Stephan Fransen (NLD)
Vijayant Malik (IND)
Vikram Reddy B (IND)
6-4 6-2
R16Vivek Shokeen (4) (IND)
Ashutosh Singh (IND)
Francesco Garzelli (ITA)
Juan-Pablo Villar (ARG)
4-6 6-4 [10-4]
R16Abhijeet Tiwari (WC) (IND)
Akash Wagh (IND)
Peter Aarts (USA)
Christopher Racz (USA)
7-6(5) 6-4
R16Roman Jebavy (2) (CZE)
Adrian Sikora (SVK)
N.Sriram Balaji (IND)
Vignesh Peranamallur (IND)
6-4 6-4
Men's Singles Qualifying - Those Winning Q1 Have Qualified
Q1Patrik Brydolf (1) (SWE)Akash Wagh (IND)6-1 6-3[H2H]
Q1Nysan Tan ()Markus Kanellos (AUT)6-3 4-6 7-5[H2H]
Q1Peter Aarts (3) (USA)Saurav Sukul (IND)6-4 7-6(4)[H2H]
Q1Vinayak Sharma Kaza (WC) (IND)Abhijeet Tiwari (4) (IND)6-1 6-1[H2H]
Q1Christopher Marquis (5) (IND)Francesco Garzelli (12) (ITA)6-4 6-3[H2H]
Q1Chris Kwon (USA)Sebastian Lavie (9) (NZL)3-6 6-4 6-4[H2H]
Q1Vikram Reddy B (7) (IND)Fariz Mohammed (10) (IND)6-2 6-0[H2H]
Q1Alexei Filenkov (8) (RUS)Himananshu Mali (11) (IND)6-4 6-4[H2H]
Q2Patrik Brydolf (1) (SWE)Mohit Mayur Jayaprakash (IND)6-0 6-4[H2H]
Q2Akash Wagh (IND)Manuel Bezucha (AUT)6-1 6-1[H2H]
Q2Nysan Tan ()Mikhail Pavlov (2) (RUS)6-4 Retired[H2H]
Q2Markus Kanellos (AUT)Nikunj Siwach (IND)7-5 6-2[H2H]
Q2Peter Aarts (3) (USA)Shivraj Singh (IND)6-0 6-0[H2H]
Q2Saurav Sukul (IND)Shahbaaz Khan (IND)6-4 4-6 6-4[H2H]
Q2Abhijeet Tiwari (4) (IND)Rutger Cramer ()6-2 6-2[H2H]
Q2Vinayak Sharma Kaza (WC) (IND)Kamala Kannan (IND)7-6(4) 3-6 6-4[H2H]
Q2Christopher Marquis (5) (IND)Daniel Kopeinigg (AUT)6-2 6-2[H2H]
Q2Francesco Garzelli (12) (ITA)Bibaswan Deb (IND)6-0 6-2[H2H]
Q2Chris Kwon (USA)Gilad Berman (6) (ISR)6-1 7-5[H2H]
Q2Sebastian Lavie (9) (NZL)Bharath-Srinivasan Parthasarathy (IND)6-2 6-0[H2H]
Q2Vikram Reddy B (7) (IND)Sidharth Rawat (IND)6-2 6-4[H2H]
Q2Fariz Mohammed (10) (IND)Shiva Sangwan (IND)4-1 Retired[H2H]
Q2Alexei Filenkov (8) (RUS)Krishik Divakar (IND)6-4 6-4[H2H]
Q2Himananshu Mali (11) (IND)Philip Riha (AUT)6-4 6-4[H2H]

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