ATP Belarus F2 Futures Draw (Men's) - 2008

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Belarus F2 Futures Event Details:

OutdoorMinsk 2, Belarus
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RoundWinning PlayerLosing PlayerScoreH2H
Men's Singles
FBrydan Klein (4) ()Siarhei Betau (BLR)7-6(5) 6-1[H2H]
SFSiarhei Betau (BLR)Dmitri Sitak (RUS)6-4 7-6(7)[H2H]
SFBrydan Klein (4) ()Andrei Karatchenia (BLR)6-1 6-1[H2H]
QFDmitri Sitak (RUS)Miles Armstrong (1) (AUS)6-2 6-4[H2H]
QFSiarhei Betau (BLR)Dzmitry Zhyrmont (BLR)4-6 6-1 7-5[H2H]
QFBrydan Klein (4) ()Pierre-Ludovic Duclos (8) (CAN)7-6(6) 6-7(5) 6-2[H2H]
QFAndrei Karatchenia (BLR)Andrey Kumantsov (RUS)6-4 6-4[H2H]
R16Miles Armstrong (1) (AUS)Anton Stryhas (Q) (BLR)6-1 3-6 6-3[H2H]
R16Dmitri Sitak (RUS)Dekel Valtzer (5) (ISR)7-6(2) 7-6(2)[H2H]
R16Siarhei Betau (BLR)Matthew Ebden (3) (AUS)6-0 6-7(3) 6-4[H2H]
R16Dzmitry Zhyrmont (BLR)Mikhail Fufygin (RUS)5-7 6-2 6-2[H2H]
R16Pierre-Ludovic Duclos (8) (CAN)Danila Arsenov (RUS)1-6 6-3 7-6(4)[H2H]
R16Brydan Klein (4) ()Maxim Levanovich (Q) (BLR)6-0 6-1[H2H]
R16Andrey Kumantsov (RUS)Deniss Pavlovs (6) (LVA)6-2 6-0[H2H]
R16Andrei Karatchenia (BLR)Dayne Kelly (AUS)7-5 5-7 6-3[H2H]
R32Miles Armstrong (1) (AUS)Serguei Tarasevitch (WC) (BLR)6-7(1) 7-6(7) 6-4[H2H]
R32Anton Stryhas (Q) (BLR)Andrei Vasilevski (WC) (BLR)2-6 6-4 6-1[H2H]
R32Dmitri Sitak (RUS)Alexander Bury (WC) (BLR)6-4 6-4[H2H]
R32Dekel Valtzer (5) (ISR)Alexander Krasnorutskiy (RUS)7-5 6-1[H2H]
R32Matthew Ebden (3) (AUS)Pavel Katliarov (BLR)7-5 6-2[H2H]
R32Siarhei Betau (BLR)Artem Baradach (Q) (BLR)6-3 3-1 Retired[H2H]
R32Mikhail Fufygin (RUS)Yaraslau Shyla (Q) (BLR)6-4 6-4[H2H]
R32Dzmitry Zhyrmont (BLR)Andrei Gorban (7) ()4-6 7-6(2) 6-2[H2H]
R32Pierre-Ludovic Duclos (8) (CAN)Vladimir Ivanov (Q) (EST)4-6 6-1 6-2[H2H]
R32Danila Arsenov (RUS)Vladzimir Kruk (Q) (BLR)6-1 6-3[H2H]
R32Maxim Levanovich (Q) (BLR)Aliaksandr Bulitski (Q) (BLR)6-3 6-0[H2H]
R32Brydan Klein (4) ()Aleksey Bessonov (WC) (BLR)6-1 6-2[H2H]
R32Deniss Pavlovs (6) (LVA)Nikolai Fidirko (Q) (BLR)6-3 3-6 6-4[H2H]
R32Andrey Kumantsov (RUS)Uladzimir Ignatik (BLR)1-6 7-6(3) 6-3[H2H]
R32Andrei Karatchenia (BLR)Sergei Demekhine (RUS)7-6(5) 6-3[H2H]
R32Dayne Kelly (AUS)Vladimir Voltchkov (2) (BLR)3-6 7-6(2) Retired[H2H]
Men's Doubles
FPierre-Ludovic Duclos (2) (CAN)
Dmitri Sitak (RUS)
Sergei Demekhine (4) (RUS)
Pavel Katliarov (BLR)
7-5 6-4
SFSergei Demekhine (4) (RUS)
Pavel Katliarov (BLR)
Egor Puntus (BLR)
Serguei Tarasevitch (BLR)
0-6 7-6(3) [10-8]
SFPierre-Ludovic Duclos (2) (CAN)
Dmitri Sitak (RUS)
Alexander Krasnorutskiy (3) (RUS)
Andrey Kumantsov (RUS)
6-2 6-3
QFEgor Puntus (BLR)
Serguei Tarasevitch (BLR)
Uladzimir Ignatik (BLR)
Vladimir Voltchkov (BLR)
6-4 6-4
QFSergei Demekhine (4) (RUS)
Pavel Katliarov (BLR)
Andrei Vasilevski (BLR)
Dzmitry Zhyrmont (BLR)
6-4 6-2
QFAlexander Krasnorutskiy (3) (RUS)
Andrey Kumantsov (RUS)
Aleksey Bessonov (BLR)
Vladzimir Kruk (BLR)
6-2 7-6(3)
QFPierre-Ludovic Duclos (2) (CAN)
Dmitri Sitak (RUS)
Anton Khadasevich (WC) (BLR)
Maxim Levanovich (BLR)
6-2 6-3
R16Uladzimir Ignatik (BLR)
Vladimir Voltchkov (BLR)
Siarhei Betau (1) (BLR)
Dekel Valtzer (ISR)
6-3 6-2
R16Egor Puntus (BLR)
Serguei Tarasevitch (BLR)
Vladimir Ivanov (EST)
Alexander Vasin (RUS)
6-1 6-1
R16Sergei Demekhine (4) (RUS)
Pavel Katliarov (BLR)
Nikolai Fidirko (WC) (BLR)
Anton Stryhas (BLR)
6-3 6-3
R16Andrei Vasilevski (BLR)
Dzmitry Zhyrmont (BLR)
Beka Komakhidze (RUS)
Alexander Stakheev (RUS)
6-0 6-1
R16Aleksey Bessonov (BLR)
Vladzimir Kruk (BLR)
Dmitry Grigorov (WC) (BLR)
Dzmitry Yeliseyenka (BLR)
6-1 6-0
R16Alexander Krasnorutskiy (3) (RUS)
Andrey Kumantsov (RUS)
Alexander Bury (BLR)
Andrei Karatchenia (BLR)
7-5 3-6 [10-6]
R16Anton Khadasevich (WC) (BLR)
Maxim Levanovich (BLR)
Artem Baradach (BLR)
Mikhail Fufygin (RUS)
3-6 6-3 [10-7]
R16Pierre-Ludovic Duclos (2) (CAN)
Dmitri Sitak (RUS)
Spartak Rahachou (A) (BLR)
Yaroslav Zubko (BLR)
6-1 6-4
Men's Singles Qualifying - Those Winning Q1 Have Qualified
Q1Vladimir Ivanov (1) (EST)Mikhail Trukshanin (BLR)7-5 6-0[H2H]
Q1Artem Baradach (2) (BLR)Alexander Vasin (RUS)5-7 6-4 6-4[H2H]
Q1Aliaksandr Bulitski (BLR)Aleksandr Vasilevski (BLR)6-4 6-4[H2H]
Q1Maxim Levanovich (BLR)Aliaksandr Siamionau (BLR)6-3 6-3[H2H]
Q1Yaraslau Shyla (BLR)Alexander Stakheev (RUS)6-3 6-2[H2H]
Q1Anton Stryhas (BLR)Dzmitry Yeliseyenka (BLR)6-1 6-1[H2H]
Q1Nikolai Fidirko (BLR)Maxim Fil (BLR)6-4 6-4[H2H]
Q1Vladzimir Kruk (BLR)Igor Rud (RUS)7-5 6-3[H2H]
Q2Vladimir Ivanov (1) (EST)Ruslan Kukresh (BLR)6-2 6-2[H2H]
Q2Mikhail Trukshanin (BLR)Filip Pikun (BLR)6-0 6-0[H2H]
Q2Artem Baradach (2) (BLR)Alexander Bokov (RUS)6-4 7-5[H2H]
Q2Alexander Vasin (RUS)Valentin Bazunov (RUS)6-2 6-4[H2H]
Q2Aleksandr Vasilevski (BLR)Dmitry Frumkin (3) (RUS)4-0 Retired[H2H]
Q2Aliaksandr Bulitski (BLR)Spartak Rahachou (BLR)1-6 6-3 6-4[H2H]
Q2Maxim Levanovich (BLR)Alexandre Lishenko (RUS)6-4 6-3[H2H]
Q2Aliaksandr Siamionau (BLR)Vadim Selyunin (RUS)6-1 6-1[H2H]
Q2Yaraslau Shyla (BLR)Gennady Ushakov (RUS)6-1 6-1[H2H]
Q2Alexander Stakheev (RUS)Anton Khadasevich (BLR)6-4 7-6(2)[H2H]
Q2Dzmitry Yeliseyenka (BLR)Serguey Zayka (UKR)6-0 6-0[H2H]
Q2Anton Stryhas (BLR)Ilya Zemtsov (BLR)6-3 6-2[H2H]
Q2Nikolai Fidirko (BLR)Sergio Sikharulidze (GEO)6-2 6-4[H2H]
Q2Maxim Fil (BLR)Vadzim Dembouski (BLR)7-6(7) 6-2[H2H]
Q2Igor Rud (RUS)Ivan Tsiganov (RUS)6-2 6-1[H2H]
Q2Vladzimir Kruk (BLR)Pavel Bazunov (RUS)6-0 6-1[H2H]
Q3Vladimir Ivanov (1) (EST)ByeBye[H2H]
Q3Ruslan Kukresh (BLR)Kiril Garkusha (BLR)6-0 6-2[H2H]
Q3Mikhail Trukshanin (BLR)Beka Komakhidze (RUS)6-3 6-1[H2H]
Q3Filip Pikun (BLR)ByeBye[H2H]
Q3Artem Baradach (2) (BLR)ByeBye[H2H]
Q3Alexander Bokov (RUS)Yury Shychko (BLR)6-0 6-4[H2H]
Q3Alexander Vasin (RUS)Mikita Karpovich (BLR)6-1 6-2[H2H]
Q3Valentin Bazunov (RUS)ByeBye[H2H]
Q3Dmitry Frumkin (3) (RUS)ByeBye[H2H]
Q3Aleksandr Vasilevski (BLR)Oleg Potapov (BLR)6-3 6-3[H2H]
Q3Spartak Rahachou (BLR)Nikolay Gromov (RUS)6-0 6-1[H2H]
Q3Aliaksandr Bulitski (BLR)ByeBye[H2H]
Q3Alexandre Lishenko (RUS)ByeBye[H2H]
Q3Maxim Levanovich (BLR)Dmitry Grigorov (BLR)6-2 6-2[H2H]
Q3Aliaksandr Siamionau (BLR)Artsiom Maksimchyk (BLR)6-2 6-3[H2H]
Q3Vadim Selyunin (RUS)ByeBye[H2H]
Q3Gennady Ushakov (RUS)ByeBye[H2H]
Q3Yaraslau Shyla (BLR)Yaroslav Zubko (BLR)6-3 5-7 6-4[H2H]
Q3Alexander Stakheev (RUS)Victor Komlev (RUS)6-3 6-0[H2H]
Q3Anton Khadasevich (BLR)ByeBye[H2H]
Q3Serguey Zayka (UKR)ByeBye[H2H]
Q3Dzmitry Yeliseyenka (BLR)ByeBye[H2H]
Q3Ilya Zemtsov (BLR)Maksim Smaliarchuk (BLR)6-1 6-1[H2H]
Q3Anton Stryhas (BLR)ByeBye[H2H]
Q3Sergio Sikharulidze (GEO)ByeBye[H2H]
Q3Nikolai Fidirko (BLR)ByeBye[H2H]
Q3Vadzim Dembouski (BLR)Vladimir Skarmakhovic (BLR)3-6 6-4 6-2[H2H]
Q3Maxim Fil (BLR)ByeBye[H2H]
Q3Igor Rud (RUS)ByeBye[H2H]
Q3Ivan Tsiganov (RUS)Egor Gerasimov (BLR)6-3 6-0[H2H]
Q3Vladzimir Kruk (BLR)Alexander Malko (BLR)6-4 6-2[H2H]
Q3Pavel Bazunov (RUS)ByeBye[H2H]

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