Serena Williams Retires from Wimbledon Doubles with ‘Viral Illness’

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Serena Williams


Just a few days after her third round upset loss to Alize Cornet, world No. 1 Serena Williams retired from her Wimbledon doubles match with older sister Venus. The pair had only managed to play three games before Williams decided to pull out of the contest.

The top ranked American was given a blood pressure test by medical staff before the doubles match against Kristina Barrois and Stefanie Voegele but it was eminently clear that Williams was not up to par as she warmed up for the contest. She could barely keep the ball in play during practice and remained seated for a good portion of the time before the contest.

The match began after a 13-minute delay and, with Serena serving in the third game, she was hitting serves that bounced before reaching the net. A few points later, the chair umpire, Kader Nouni, decided to step away from his seat to ask Serena if she could continue. Serena chose to play on, but served a double fault to drop the first three games of the contest.

Moments later, the Grand Slam winning pair retired from the contest.


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Mr Smith
Mr Smith

Why doesn't someone test these two 'sisters' for their gender dna? They certainly have all the characteristics of transgender males. They probably can't deal with the hoax they have been perpetuating on their gullible fans for all these years, and YES, the father had a hand in this and he knows the truth about the boys he adopted!!


@Mr Smith First of all, whether they are transgender or not, whats the problem? Secondly, making assumptions about them just for the mere fact that they are bigger built than most women is an ignorant remark to make. Completely ignoring the effort, the time and the dedication that they have put into this sport making themselves as good as they are today. First lets respect the level of sports that they play, the dedication and sacrifice that they have put into this game and not assume things without any ground facts. It is very easy to overlook the genetic factors involved and the strength training involved which combined can easily come to form a strong and powerful woman like these two sisters. 

Now, about the incident that took place at wimbledon, even though they say it is a virus, its still very suspicious about what could have gone wrong. I haven't heard of a virus so far in my life that makes one as disoriented and uncoordinated as she was during her match that lasted a few games, and it looked to me like she went on court drunk or something. But of course that is just a thought!