Rafael Nadal vs Novak Djokovic Live US Open 2013 – Live Commentary

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The US Open 2013 final Live Commentary between Novak Dkokovic and Rafael Nadal will commence here as soon as the players enter the centre court in Flushing Meadows in New York.

This will be the 37th meeting between the two players, you can check out the Nadal vs Djokovic Head to Head , Rafa leads it with 21-15.

Both Djokovic and Nadal have had a superb tournament so far, although the Spaniard cruised into the final with a bit more ease. The only set he dropped was against Kohlschreiber in the 4th round, whereas Nole lost a set against Youzhny just before winning a marathon five setter in the semis against Wawrinka.

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Will the world no.1 Djokovic be able to halt Nadal’s superb run (22 hard court wins this year, zero losses) in today’s final?



Nadal vs Djokovic Live

Live broadcasting started on 09/09/2013 12:18 and was finished on 10/09/2013 00:33

  • 22:31 pm
    BREAK DJOKOVIC - Djokovic 2-6 *4-2 Nadal - A perfectly placed topspin lob gives Djokovic another opening at 15-30 but Nadal happily accepts a gift return into the net for 30-30. However, Djokovic carves out a break point thanks to a beautifully placed slice volley. A FIFTY-FOUR shot rally is ended with a Nadal back hand into the net and Djokovic breaks.
  • 22:26 pm
    Djokovic 2-6 3-2* Nadal - A trademark forehand winner down the line looks to give Nadal signs of life in this game at 30-0 but Djokovic keeps steady and serves his third ace to win the game.
  • 22:20 pm
    Djokovic 2-6 *2-2 Nadal - Nadal continues to look in charge of the rallies and goes 30-0 up with a cross court backhand winner. A volley winner makes it 40-0 and then Djokovic hits a return long to give Nadal in the love hold.
  • 22:15 pm
    Djokovic 2-6 2-1* Nadal - Another comfortable service game for Djokovic as he puts the pressure back on Nadal. A wild backhand at 15-15 gave Djokovic the advantage and he took the game eventually with a serve that Nadal fails to get back in play.
  • 22:10 pm
    Djokovic 2-6 *1-1 Nadal - A loose start to the game from Nadal who goes down 0-30 with the second point coming from an ill advised approach to the net as he volleyed long. An emphatic smash winner got it back to 15-30 but Nadal nets a forehand for two break points for Djokovic. A routine backhand goes long from Djokovic to waste one and the second one is saved after Djokovic is left in no mans land allowing Nadal to hit the backhand pass. Nadal needs a second chance to convert game point and is grateful for a return wide on an 85mph on a second serve.
  • 22:02 pm
    Djokovic 2-6 1-0* Nadal - Djokovic stops the bleeding with a hold to 30. A key forehand winner at 30-30 calmed the nerves for Djokovic who would close out the game with a backhand winner.
  • 21:57 pm
    Far from a great set for Djokovic. He has 6 winners and 14 unforced errors with Nadal's count being 7 and 4 respectively.
  • 21:54 pm
    SET NADAL - Djokovic *2-6 Nadal - Djokovic doesn't go away quietly, showing more aggression and a forehand winner gives him 15-30. Quite dangerously, Nadal makes an early net approach on the next point but doesn't pay for it as the Djokovic pass goes just wide. A forehand winner brings up set point and unforced error number 14 from Djokovic gives Nadal the set.
  • 21:49 pm
    Djokovic 2-5* Nadal - Nadal is in full control of the set now after back to back winners, although Djokovic's lack of a smash helped him out a great deal on the first point. A backhand error gives Nadal three break points and the first is taken as Djokovic attempts to go too close to the line and his forehand is ruled out after a challenge.
  • 21:45 pm
    Djokovic *2-4 Nadal - After both of Nadal's first two service games went to deuce, he finally gets a comfortable service game holding to love. The highlight coming on game point where Nadal chases down a drop shot before glancing a backhand cross court on stretch.
  • 21:41 pm
    Djokovic 2-3* Nadal - A much cleaner hold from Djokovic who holds to 15. After double faulting on his first game point, a big serve was too much for Nadal who netted the return.
  • 21:38 pm
    Djokovic *1-3 Nadal - Djokovic opens with another great return that gives him control of the point which he takes and goes to 0-30 as Nadal nets consecutive backhands. However he gets back to 30-30 with the help of some forehand errors from Djokovic who doesn't look dialled in right now. An even worse forehand long gives Nadal game point. Djokovic attacks the second serve of Nadal who once dragged out wide can't keep his forehand in play. Another lengthy rally ensues before Nadal finally tees off on a vicious forehand to end a 27 shot rally. The second game point is taken after Djokovic backhand doesn't get a favourable roll from the net and lands wide.
  • 21:29 pm
    Djokovic 1-2* Nadal - BREAK - A ferocious forehand down the line gives Nadal a 0-15 but Djokovic finds his way to 30-15 before two unforced errors, the second on his backhand, give Nadal a break point. However, Nadal blinks first and nets a backhand. Djokovic gets to game point but then doesn't even move for a cross court forehand from Nadal that lands in. Nadal gets his second break point after Djokovic is dragged out wide and nets a forehand. A looped forehand from Djokovic sits up nicely for Nadal who puts away emphatically for a winner and the first break of the match.
  • 21:21 pm
    Djokovic *1-1 Nadal - Djokovic's backhand is a little off to begin with as backhand unforced errors two and three come to give Nadal a 30-0 lead and another backhand long gives Nadal two game points for 40-15. A return winner down the line saves the first and the second goes away with a slice into the net. However, Nadal takes the next two points to earn his first hold.
  • 21:16 pm
    Djokovic 1-0* Nadal - The Serbian has to work hard for his hold to 30 with extended rallies from the start. A first net approach results in a volley long at 15-0. Djokovic closes out with the first ace of the match to hold.
  • 21:04 pm
    Surprisingly the players arrive on court on time. Novak Djokovic wins the toss and elects to serve first in the final grand slam of the year.
  • 12:29 pm
    Both Nadal and Djokovic have won this Grand Slam once in their career, who will emerge victorious tonight?
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